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Chapter 557: Doppelgänger

Huang Chengjing dragged his friend in the grey suit over and introduced him to the two ladies, “This is my business partner, Cheng Jinyan.

He just got back from overseas.”

Wanting to introduce Jiang Yao and Lu Yuqing to Cheng Jinyan, he turned toward him only to see his business partner staring at Jiang Yao, in a slightly disrespectful way.


Cheng, is there something wrong with my face” Jiang Yao veered her face away and asked.

Withdrawing his gaze, Cheng Jinyan did not seem to be apologetic for his actions, instead, he asked abruptly, “Ms.

Jiang, what is your relationship with Sun Xiaoshan”

“Who is that Sun Xiaoshan” Jiang Yao showed a puzzled expression.

“I dont know this person, why did you ask Wait, are you going to say that she was your first love and that I look like her”

“First love” Cheng Jinyan snickered.

“You have a wild imagination, Ms.

Jiang, although she does look like you.”

A brief pause later, he added, “Or should I say, both you and Sun Xiaoshan look like an elder I knew.”

‘I guess thats fate for you.

I didnt know that there are two people that look eerily similar to me. Jiang Yao thought.

She did not expect that but realized that Cheng Jinyan was not playing a joke on her, that was why he was staring at her intently.

“Have you been to Ping City at Province A, Ms.

Jiang” Cheng Jinyan asked.

“No.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“I was born and raised in my hometown and only got to leave the place when I came to Nanjiang City after high school.

Ive been to Jindo City once with my husband though.”

Ping City was a decently popular city in Province A.

It was a city with deep historical roots and used to be the capital of an empire a few hundred years back.

“I see.

It does seem like there are many things in the world we cannot explain.

I suppose two people who are not related to each other can share the same facial features.” Cheng Jinyans astonishment was genuine.

Lu Yuqing continued the conversation, “It does seem like it, remember the carpenter in our town”

“Of course! He looked so much like a movie star, so much so that people thought they are twins.” Jiang Yao chuckled.

“He went to town for a job and was chased by people who thought he was the movie star.”

Jiang Yao heard it from the carpenter himself and saw him with her own eyes before.

He did look like the movie star and apparently asked his parents if he had a long-lost brother after watching the movie.


Jiang is married” Cheng Jinyan realized Jiang Yaos mentioning of her husband and looked at her in surprise.

“You look not older than twenty years old!”

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