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Chapter 556: The Opening Gala of Golden Phoenix

The moment Jiang Yao realized that she needed money, she started looking forward to the opening gala of Golden Phoenix, wanting to talk to Huang Chengjing and let him know that she would very much like to attend the stone betting trade fair happening that weekend.

Also, she wanted to find out if the jewelry business was a lucrative one to get herself involved in.

Lu Yuqing showed little enthusiasm at the gala invitation back at the restaurant so it came as a surprise when she told Jiang Yao that she was already waiting for her at the hotel.

Since it was a gala dinner, Jiang Yao changed into an evening dress and drove in the car sent by Manager Sun to the hotel where Lu Yuqing was at.

Lu Yuqing was pleasantly surprised to see Jiang Yao in her white evening gown.

“You look beautiful! This dress suits you well!” Lu Yuqing complimented.

“Xingzhi bought it for me at Jindo City, I brought it together with me when I came back.” It was one of the many dresses purchased by Lu Xingzhi a month ago.

It felt like a waste leaving all of them back at Jin City so Jiang Yao decided to bring them to Nanjiang City with her.

Perhaps she might be able to wear it here in Nanjiang City.

Plus, nobody else had seen her in the dress before so she did not worry about the judgment that would arise from wearing the same dress several times.

“When did you learn how to drive” What was more astonishing was Jiang Yaos driving skills, there were no signs of nervousness at all.

“Xingzhi taught me.” Jiang Yao chuckled.

“I was with him for a month.

Since he could not train his soldiers, he expended his energy on me instead.

He taught me how to drive, how to shoot, and some self-defense skills.”

Blame everything on Xingzhi, at least that was what he himself said.

“Driving and self-defense, I get it.

But shooting” Lu Yuqing laughed.

“He really is restless, isnt he”

In Lu Yuqings mind, it was great for a girl to know how to drive and protect herself, but learning how to shoot seemed unnecessary.

“As long as hes happy, I dont mind.

It was fun learning how to shoot though,” Jiang Yao answered and immediately switched the topic over to Lu Yuqings outings at Nanjiang City for the past few days.

On their way to the gala, Lu Yuqing was busy describing where she went and what she did.

Even though she was with both Huang Chengjing and Huang Chenchen the entire time, Huang Chengjing never once appeared in her accounts of her trip.

On the contrary, Huang Chenchen was mentioned multiple times.

Lu Yuqing was obviously enamored by the adorable little girl.

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the hotel entrance.

Upon entering, they saw two eye-catching people standing by the doors, one dressed in black, the other dressed in dark grey.


Jiang! Lu Yuqing!” Huang Chengjing greeted the visitors.

“Chenchen has been expecting you for a while now! Shes with my father now, quite annoyed that she was not allowed to have the desserts.”

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