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Chapter 549: Hopeless Wretch

It was never his intention to be a part of the selection process; he knew his capabilities very well.

Everyone sent to the selection was the cream of the crop in their respective platoons.

Even though he was decent, he had no experience at all in the wilderness, what good could he do other than being an embarrassment

Yet, Chen Feitang just had to mention his name in her exchange with Lu Xingzhi.

“I am going.” Lu Xingzhi looked at Chen Feibai with a faint smile on his face.

“Theres still a week till the selection.

I hope you wont embarrass the Jin City platoon and me then.

Its okay to be eliminated but its embarrassing to be the first one out.”


“Dont worry!”

The cousins responded simultaneously.

One in a happy, while the other in a little more annoyed manner.

Chen Feibai could not understand why Chen Feitang was so happy.

Was something wrong with her What did Lu Xingzhis participation have anything to do with her

Why was she so fixated on a married man

“We can be partners again and ultimately join the special forces unit together, Lu Xingzhi!” Chen Feitang looked at Lu Xingzhi, her eyes glimmered.

Being in the same unit as Lu Xingzhi had always been her biggest dream.

After years of waiting, she finally had a chance to do it.

“No, thank you.” Lu Xingzhi declined.

“The document stated clearly that this selection focuses on individual capabilities, I dont need a partner.”

Lu Xingzhi turned and swiftly walked away, disregarding Chen Feitangs disappointed expression.

It was not until Lu Xingzhi was out of sight did Chen Feibai laugh mockingly.

“He has no, and I mean none, feelings for you.

Just how hopeless are you Hes married and will never look your way.”

“You have no right to comment on my matters, Chen Feibai,” Chen Feitang growled.

“Why dont you put effort into your training Dont forget how Grandpa is going to discipline you if you get eliminated.”

“What are you concerned about You are not taking my place.” Chen Feibai snickered.

“My lovely cousin, I dont need you to look after me.

Since you have seen your crush, can you leave now”

Calling out after Chen Feitang, who walked away ashen-faced, Chen Feibai said, “Im warning you.

The next time you use my name to enter the platoon to see Lu Xingzhi, Im not letting you off the hook!”

He then turned and went toward Colonel Lins office.

Lu Xingzhi looked at the calendar on his table.

He was going to Province C next week.

Province C was located in the south.

The selection would be held in an unknown mountain at an unknown town in the province.

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