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Chapter 543: I Missed You So Much

“Nothing to worry about, shes actually an amazing person.” Jiang Yao placed the items in her arms on top of the table.

Lu Yuqing was indeed a reasonable person.

Her initial poor attitude toward Jiang Yao was completely the latters fault.

As a sister, it was perfectly normal for Lu Yuqing to want to protect her brother from harm.

In other words, if Jiang Yaos two brothers were to marry a wife that was just like herself, she would have done the same thing, perhaps even worse.

Moreover, it felt like a friendship between them now.

Especially after the incident with Zhao Zhuangzong, they became closer and Jiang Yao would sometimes chat with Lu Yuqing on the phone since her semester started.

After a full month of being next to Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao could not stand sleeping alone on a single bed in her apartment.

To think of it, she was still in his embrace this morning and now they were thousands of miles away from each other.

Jiang Yaos hands lightly brushed her cell phone.

She could not stop thinking about what Lu Xingzhi was up to right now.

It was a little over eleven at night, he must be asleep.

Even though she wanted to call him and listen to his voice badly, she was afraid that would disturb his slumber and affect his resting time.

Without her around, he would definitely be up early the next day for training.

After a long hesitation, she finally made the decision.

She would send him a text message.

If he were fast asleep, he would see them when he woke up the next morning.

What if he was still awake

It felt like a solid plan, one that would not go wrong at all.

She held onto her cell phone, pondering what to write in her text message to Lu Xingzhi.

A few seconds later, her slender fingers danced across the keyboard as she clicked on the send button.

Far away at Jin City, Lu Xingzhi was wide awake, busy writing up a report in his study.

The crisp notification tone of his cell phone broke his concentration.

Rather than feeling annoyed, he swiftly retrieved his cell phone from within the desk drawer.

Looking at the notification shown on the screen of the phone, he was not at all surprised.

Jiang Yao was the only person in the world that would text him.

A short sentence entered his sights as he clicked on the message.

–What should I do Its been less than twenty-four hours since we last saw each other, but I already miss you so much.

Lu Xingzhi grinned.

Took her long enough!

He had been missing her since the moment they left each others side.

Putting down the pen, he went to the balcony with his cell phone in his hand.

The late-night breeze whistled across his face as he dialed Jiang Yaos number.

Jiang Yao was exhilarated to see Lu Xingzhis name appearing on her cell phone.

She immediately sat up when the phone rang, like a homeless person who had just won the lottery jackpot.

Seeing her roommates mocking gazes, she grinned embarrassingly and covered herself under the blanket before taking the call.

“Hello, Xingzhi Arent you asleep yet” Jiang Yao asked, a cheerful tinge in her voice.

“I cant sleep.” His familiar voice was heard.

He added, “Everywhere at home, I see parts of you here.

I miss you.”

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