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Chapter 539: A Beautiful Mother

She did not tell Huang Chengjing her plan as they were still unfamiliar with each other.

That was why she did not want to attend the opening gala.

He realized, at the moment, that Lu Xingzhis sister was a little cold in her demeanor, very much like her brother.

“Do you have any arrangements yet Nanjiang City is a fantastic place to do some sightseeing, with plenty of tourist attractions around and many good food, you should stay a little longer here,” Huang Chengjing enthusiastically added.

Jiang Yao nodded and thought how much Lu Yuqings marriage situation must have given her a lot of stress.

Fortunately, she was able to leave it behind for a while and get some fresh air somewhere else, Nanjiang City was an excellent place to visit.

Even if she wanted to settle permanently and start her career here, Jiang Yao was all on board with that idea.

“Sis, should I arrange for a guide to bring you around the city” Jiang Yao thought of Manager Sun.

He was a local and a very socially-adept person.

It seemed to her that it was a good idea for Manager Sun to look after Lu Yuqings itinerary.

More importantly, though, she only had Manager Sun to call upon.

“What about me, Ms.

Jiang” Huang Chengjing swiftly joined the conversation.

“You saved my father and Lu Yuqing saved my daughter.

As I am the host here, it seems reasonable for me to return the favor as much as I can.”

He gave his daughter a pat on the head and continued, “At the same time, I can bring this little girl here around for a few days.

Shes been complaining that Ive not been spending enough time with her lately, and that she wants to look for a beautiful mother for herself.”

Jiang Yao seemed to have guessed the reason why Huang Chenchen ran away from her house alone.

“Chenchen, were you out today looking for a pretty mother yourself” Jiang Yao asked with a light tremble in her shoulders stifling in a laugh.

“Yes!” Huang Chenchen looked at Lu Yuqing.

“Dad used to tell me that Mum went to a place far, far away.

I asked Grandpa where did Mum go the other day and how long I should walk to see her He told me that Ill have to walk a hundred years and I know then that Mum is dead.

She must be, just like the bunny I used to have.

I heard from the radio saying that humans cannot live past a hundred years old and Grandpa said that Ill have to walk a hundred years to see Mum, Ill never make it in time before I die too.”

A kids thinking was naive and innocent.

All she wanted was a mother.

“Mum went to a place too far away, I can never see her again.

But I really want one! Just like the little girl next door, her mum brought her to the park and bought her a lot of toys from the store.

Her dad is always home with her mum and her! I want a mum too, so Dad can be home with us always!”

The little girl did not say too many embarrassing things in front of Lu Yuqing as it seemed that her father did a good job educating her.

However, by the way she looked at Lu Yuqing, the pretty mother Huang Chenchen was looking for must have been her.

The three-year-old girls speech was a little fuzzy, but all three adults understood every single word she said.

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