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Chapter 538: Opening Invitation

Jiang Yao was already used to Huang Chenchens unusual way of greeting.

For Lu Yuqing, however, getting addressed as a “sister” when she was in her late twenties going into thirty was weird.

“Just call me aunty.” Lu Yuqing sat down and patted the head of the little girl in front of her.

“No!” Huang Chenchen snorted.

“An aunty is not pretty at all! Just like the one Grandma brought home the other day.

Sister Yaoyao and Sister Yuqing are both very pretty!”

Jiang Yao laughed seeing Lu Yuqings surprised expression; she also had the same response when she heard Huang Chenchens opinions the first time.

Then again, everyone in the Lu family was blessed with good genetics.

Both Mr.

and Mrs.

Lu were good-looking in their own right and with a handsome little brother in Lu Xingzhi, Lu Yuqing was not too far off.

Under her familys influence, she had cultivated an excellent fashion sense and always dressed up in a refined manner.

Even though she was of older age and was a divorcee, she held herself elegantly, turning heads whenever she was out on the streets.

After laughing, Jiang Yao turned her attention toward Huang Chenchens remark about her grandmother bringing a lady home.

She glanced at Huang Chengjing and did not think it was strange anymore.

He was a relatively young man still in his prime and was quite successful in his career.

With the Huang familys background, it was no surprise to see many women wanting to be his bride.

Jiang Yao wanted to tease Huang Chengjing, but felt it was a little inappropriate and decided not to carry on with it.

Instead, she asked about Chairman Huangs condition.

“Fathers condition had stabilized, hes feeling pretty well now,” said Huang Chengjing as he took out two exquisitely-designed invitation letters and handed them to Jiang Yao and Lu Yuqing.

“Its Golden Phoenix Jewellers grand opening three days from now.

This is the invitation for the opening gala, do attend if you are free!”

Jiang Yao nodded and accepted the invitation.

“What about you, Sis How long will you be in Nanjiang City Lets go together if you are still here by then.”

“You all should come, Sister Yaoyao and Sister Yuqing! Grandpa told me that I can wear the prettiest princess dress that night, I want you to see it!” Huang Chenchen looked at the pretty ladies in earnest.

“There will be a lot of tasty cakes.

With Dad and Grandpa busy, we can eat a lot of them!”

The moment she finished speaking, she covered her mouth and looked at her father with a flustered expression.

Such an adorable kid.

“Well see, Im not too sure yet.” Lu Yuqing did not make a decision just yet.

It was an impromptu decision when she came to Nanjiang City and she had not decided how long her stay would be.

Anyway, she would not be returning home soon even if she was not going to remain in Nanjiang City for long.

The Zhao family was always trying to disturb her and she had had enough over there.

Frankly, she had nowhere else to go if she were to leave Nanjiang City.

Stuck in a marriage and a career back home, she barely had friends.

The people she was acquainted with at work were nothing more than co-workers.

Her initial plan was to look for a job here in Nanjiang City since Jiang Yao was here too.

At least she would have someone she knew around her.

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