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Chapter 535: Take Care of Her

Right after hanging up the call, Jiang Yao promptly dialed the number to Lu Xingzhis cell phone.

The call was picked up immediately, he must have been waiting for it.

“Did you just arrive I called you half an hour ago but your phone was turned off.” Lu Xingzhi was slightly worried.

“Did anything happen”

“Wen Xuehui picked me up at the airport and we went for lunch at Riya Restaurant.

I forgot to turn on my phone until I reached the campus,” Jiang Yao explained, a little embarrassed.

Lu Xingzhi must have been expecting her call hours ago.

He acknowledged it and did not seem to be mad at all.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Yuqing standing by her side and told Lu Xingzhi, “Sis is here at Nanjiang City too, shes with me right now.

Luckily, my roommate told me about her visit, if not she wouldve come for nothing.

Im going to pass the phone over to her.”

“Its Xingzhi, why dont you talk to him.”

Lu Yuqing smiled, the doubts she had earlier had now disappeared.

She knew that Jiang Yao went to Jin City during the National Day holidays but did not know that she was away for such a long time.

Her trip to Nanjiang City was an impromptu one.

Arriving on a Sunday morning, she gave Jiang Yao a call at the train station.

Unfortunately, her phone was turned off so Lu Yuqing decided to come straight to Jiang Yaos school instead.

She met Chenchen on her way here, who seemed lost and lonely standing among the crowd, and approached the little girl.

As they went knocking on Jiang Yaos room only to be told by her roommate that she had not been back at school.

Lu Yuqing was taken aback and slightly irked.

She began speculating the reasons why Jiang Yao went on an extended break.

Recalling the way she used to act, Lu Yuqing was suspicious that Jiang Yaos enrollment at the university was a ruse for her other schemes.

Yet, observing the way she spoke to Lu Xingzhi over the phone, Lu Yuqing understood that Jiang Yao was by Lu Xingzhis side the entire time she was away.

Listening to her genteel voice, she realized that the couples relationship was as strong as ever.

Lu Xingzhi listened to the updates from home before asking his sister the reason she went to Nanjiang City.

She had just resigned from their uncles company and was taking a vacation here.

After a short exchange, Lu Yuqing returned the phone to Jiang Yao.

“Its rare for Sis to go to Nanjiang City, please take care of her for me.”

“Shes not only your sister, hmph!” Jiang Yao retorted.

Hearing Lu Xingzhis chuckle, she said, “Sis is waiting for me, talk to you later, bye.”

And she quickly hung up the call.

Lu Yuqing was pleased to hear Jiang Yaos remark, it did not matter whether it was genuine or not.

At least she knew that Jiang Yao was not upset at her sudden visit.

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