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Chapter 53: Missing a Wit

After tidying up the room, Jiang Yao went back to bed to sleep.

She was deep in slumber until Mrs.

Lu went upstairs and called her for lunch.

“Did you go to the airport this morning to send Xingzhi off” Mrs.

Lu asked as she saw Jiang Yaos creased clothes.

She must have changed before going out and immediately slept after she returned.

Jiang Yao nodded sleepily.

“Yes, his flight was at nine oclock, I got home at ten.

I was a bit sleepy so I lay down for a nap, but I didnt expect to sleep for so long.”


Lu smiled instead, she wasnt blaming Jiang Yao.

She glanced into the room and saw that the bedsheets had been replaced and the room cleaned.

From the looks of it, she knew that her son was the reason Jiang Yao couldnt get enough sleep.

Lu Xingzhi must have tormented her all night last night.


Lu was even more delighted when she heard that Jiang Yao had sent Lu Xingzhi to the airport.

It seemed that the seed of love in Jiang Yaos heart had blossomed.

“Its okay.

Come, lets eat, you can continue your nap after lunch,” Mrs.

Lu said with a gentle smile.

She even thought about cooking something delicious for Jiang Yao that night.

Jiang Yao was convinced that her mother-in-law hadnt suspected anything since she had cleaned the room so thoroughly.

She nodded and went downstairs for lunch.

In the afternoon, when Jiang Yao slept until three oclock, she was awakened by a phone call.

Initially, she thought that it was from Lu Xingzhi.

When she picked it up, it was actually Lu Xiaoxiao who wanted to ask her out for a movie in the county.

“Sister, it is a very funny comedy.

The driver is already on his way to pick you up.

Stay over at my place tonight and Ill send you home tomorrow.” After their conversation last night, Lu Xiaoxiao knew that Jiang Yao liked to watch comedies and she was eager to go to the movies with Jiang Yao.

She said that it would be more interesting for two people to watch and laugh together.

Lu Xiaoxiao felt sorry for Jiang Yao too as she listened to Jiang Yaos tale about watching a comedy with Lu Xingzhi where he didnt even laugh once.

Lu Xiaoxiao had always thought that going to the movies with Lu Xingzhi was a form of self-torture because it was hard to make a zombie laugh.

Yes, Lu Xiaoxiao described Lu Xingzhi as a zombie.

Although her classmates thought that Lu Xingzhi was handsomely arrogant and cool, the only opinion she had of him was that he was an emotionless zombie.

After Jiang Yao took a shower and got changed, the driver appeared at the door at the right moment.

Half an hour later, the two girls met at the county cinemas entrance.

As usual, Lu Xiaoxiao would fling herself onto the person she was meeting regardless of who it was, even when Jiang Yao was so fragile and thin.

She giggled excitedly as Jiang Yao endured her embrace and shuddered.

“Sister, Brother is not around.

When my uncle and aunty go to work, you are left alone at home.

Why dont you stay with me in the county for a few days My dad has gone on a business trip these days and Im all alone.” Lu Xiaoxiao let go of Jiang Yao and shook her hands.

“I dont want to be alone, Im scared.”

“There are maids in the house, as well as the driver.” Jiang Yao was a little overwhelmed by Lu Xiaoxiaos endless badgering and finally surrendered.

“Ill call Mom first.”

Jiang Yao thought to herself that no one was at home at the moment.

What if Lu Xingzhi called and no one answered Would he call his mothers office and let her know

“Of course!” Lu Xiaoxiao pulled Jiang Yao to a nearby phone booth to make the call.

She talked to Mrs.

Lu over the phone and hung up.

Then, she turned to Jiang Yao and shrieked, “Yes, my aunt has agreed! Lets go to the movies!”

Jiang Yao squinted at her in disbelief.

Was this girl missing a wit when she was born

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