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Chapter 522: Underwear

Lin Shunhe was caught halfway in between.

Jiang Yao put it in such a way that it sounded considerate and thoughtful, no one caught the underlying intention behind her words.

He was skeptical at first, so it was reasonable for her to call him on stage.

Yet, Lin Shunhe felt shivers down his spine when he saw Jiang Yao smiling warmly at him.

However much reluctant he was, with everyone looking at him and his superiors constant urging, there was no way for him to refuse.

Jiang Yaos grin got even wider when she saw Lin Shunhe approaching the stage with a stiff face on.

“Please remove your shirt and pants, but leave your underwear on,” Jiang Yao instructed.

“Without the shirt on, its easier for everyone to see what Im doing.”

Lin Shunhe could not believe it.

This lady wanted him to strip down to his underwear in front of everyone in the platoon

“He doesnt have to remove his pants, right I thought you are going to show us how to do chest compressions.” Someone in the audience remarked.

Jiang Yao looked at the speaker.

She was not too sure who that person was, but she knew that he was an officer here at the platoon for she saw him that day during Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhis recognition ceremony.

So, Doctor Lin and he were best buddies

“Thats right.

Although I want to demonstrate what to do during heavy bleeding afterward.

Our veins and arteries are found in different parts of the body, with plenty located around the thighs.

I would like to show it to everyone here using Doctor Lins body.”

It was obvious to the audience that she was making things difficult for Lin Shunhe, but what else could they do

He was the one that started it, why could she not do the same

Seeing Lin Shunhe standing on the side with no intention to remove his clothes, Jiang Yao urged, “Doctor Lin, please cooperate.

We dont want to waste everybodys time, dont we Im the doctor now, and youre my patient.

As a doctor yourself, you should understand that theres nothing to be ashamed about.”

“Come on, Doctor Lin! We still want to get on with the lesson!” The crowd below pressed.

Lin Shunhes temple pulsed.

He stared at Jiang Yao and finally removed his clothes, albeit reluctantly.

“The floor is a little cold, you should put your shirt beneath your body,” Jiang Yao reminded.

Once Lin Shunhe had lain down, she looked at him with a wicked grin.

“Everyone, pay attention here.

Im showing you how to do a proper chest compression.”

She spoke swiftly and knelt down next to Lin Shunhes body.

Remembering how she could send a burly guy flying through the air with just one kick, Jiang Yao was eager to have some fun with the doctor.

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