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Chapter 518: Accusation

As the clock struck seven, Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi were on their way to the auditorium with bags of materials and equipment bought earlier this morning.

It was only less than a quarter past seven when they arrived, but the auditorium was already filled with people.

Hurling the manikin onto the table, Lu Xingzhi complained about how ugly it looked compared to the one his teachers used to have back in military school.

Jiang Yao was speechless.

How good-looking can a plastic manikin be Plus, it was bought last minute.

The craftsmanship was not crude nor sophisticated.

It was just alright to be used in a first-aid lesson.

Ten till half past seven, almost everyone was present in the auditorium.

The senior officers sat in the first row, some even smiled at Jiang Yao.

Lu Xingzhi sat with his platoon.

Even though the auditorium was packed with people, Jiang Yao was able to locate him without any difficulty.

Frankly, she did not feel nervous at all.

She felt that she was just sharing her expertise with the vast majority of people present, who were respectful and eager to learn.

As for the army doctor and a few others who came in with their heads held high, Jiang Yao pretended not to notice them.

Since the attendance was full, Jiang Yao chose to start her lesson a little ahead of time.

“Ill share with everyone here tonight how to do a common first-aid maneuver—the cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique, or more commonly known as the CPR.”

The microphone was placed right in front of her so she did not need to increase her speaking volume for her voice to reach everyone present in the auditorium.

Her usual speaking voice tended to sound a little softer with a tinge of youthfulness, as was common for her age.

Now, however, she intentionally lowered her voice, creating an impression among her listeners that she was older than reality.

“When a heart stops beating, irreversible organ damage will happen after four to six minutes if it is not resuscitated.

Thats why CPR has to be done immediately on site when that happens.

In easier terms, CPR is a technique comprising artificial respirations and chest compressions done on a patient whose breathing has stopped and no signs of a beating heart are found.”

She then lifted the plastic manikin, and eyed the army doctor before saying, “I bought this specially for tonights lesson earlier this morning at the Jin City Medical Equipment Company.

I apologize for I was in a hurry and could not find a more realistic one, please bear with me tonight.”

A brief pause later, she continued with a smile on her face, “I was at Doctor Lins this morning to borrow the needed equipment actually.

Unfortunately he refused, so if you dont like what you see here, you cant blame me, alright!”

She put away her playful tone of voice and laid the manikin on the floor.

“CPR can be used in many circumstances, such as during a heart attack, drowning, car accident, drug poisoning, high blood pressure, electrocution, and choking.

All these can potentially stop a heart from beating or stop our breathing, and this is where CPR comes in.”

Jiang Yao spoke in a consistent manner; her words were clearly heard.

Her mention of Doctor Lins refusal sounded like a casual joke she suddenly remembered.

But everyone in the audience was shocked to hear that.

Doctor Lin did not expect to be called out right in front of everyone here in the auditorium.

This was basically a recrimination of his wrongdoing in front of the officers and the soldiers.

Yet, Jiang Yao continued with her lesson as if nothing happened.

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