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Chapter 511: What Do You Think

He did not hold back.

“What do you think” Lin Shunhe asked.

But before Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lin could answer, he turned back and said, “If youre not sick, get out of here!”

Lin Shunhe had his reasons for hating Jiang Yao.

As the army doctor of the platoon, he had heard of the news about creating a training program to train the soldiers on basic first-aid knowledge.

He thought he would be given the responsibility to do so as he was the most experienced medical officer in the platoon.

He did not expect someone else to be given the role instead.

If it were a doctor from a major hospital, or a professor from a medical school, like the arrangement of other platoons, he would accept the decision.

Yet, the Jin City platoon had already designated an instructor.

He was not unfamiliar with the person, but all he knew were from rumors and news spreading around the platoon.

The things he heard were that Captain Lus wife was very good-looking, had a pleasant smile and was very generous and courteous when interacting with other people.

He also heard about how the soldiers were talking about the pretty clothes she wore each day, the beautiful shoes she had on and how lucky she was to marry Captain Lu, who spent generously on her.

Some of the soldiers hailing from the rural areas were talking about how Jiang Yao was a distinguished person and a university student studying to become a doctor, with envy in their voice.

Yet, what did all these have to do with the fact that she was chosen to become the instructor

Lin Shunhe had heard that Captain Lus wife was a nineteen-year-old girl who only had a months worth of class under her belt before taking a break to care for the injured Captain Lu.

He was pissed that Jiang Yao deserved the role more than he did.

What could a nineteen-year-old girl do

In Lin Shunhes eyes, he was already being very courteous having not reprimanded her—a selfish and ignorant woman.

He would never borrow her the equipment! He would see as to how she could go on with her program later tonight without the stuff, how misleading her lessons would be and how she was wasting everyones time!

Jiang Yao had no idea what the army doctor was thinking, but she left with Mrs.

Lin the moment Lin Shunhe turned his body back toward them.

She had better places to be!

What kind of a person was she He would know at night! Was he not waiting to see how big of a blunder she would make

“Should we loop my husband in on the matter” Mrs.

Lin did not expect the army doctors reaction.

Yet, they could not aggressively seize the equipment if the army doctor did not want to borrow them.

That was why she suggested for Colonel Lin to handle the matter.

As a Colonel in the platoon, Colonel Lin still had powers over certain things.

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