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Chapter 510: Not Lending

“If anyone gives you trouble tomorrow, dont be shy and call them out.

Go after them.” Lu Xingzhi was very sure that the people who doubted Jiang Yaos selection as the instructor would make things hard for her tomorrow.

He was also quite worried that Jiang Yao did not have the necessary experience to deal with heckles and taunts.

Even if someone were to cross the line, she might still be forgiving and gentle.

Lu Xingzhi did not want her to reserve her kindness and gentleness to people who were out to harass her.

Yes, he would be present tomorrow, but he could not publicly reprimand anyone.

He hoped that she could do it herself instead.

“Keep the good temper for people close to you.

I dont care if others see you as a fierce and unreasonable woman.

Call people out if you dont like them, dont hold back.” He patted her head.


“Yes.” Jiang Yao nodded.

She knew that Lu Xingzhi was concerned that her good nature would allow people to take advantage of her.

With a big crowd present tomorrow, she did not have to worry about her status as a spouse of an officer if someone were to harass her first.

“Once youre on the stage, youre an instructor, designated by the Jin City platoon, and not my spouse.”

Jiang Yao understood his suggestion, or more accurately, she read between his lines.

What he meant was for her to go all out against anyone that was trying to make her life difficult.

Be aggressive and show no mercy.

That was his message.

Jiang Yao grinned.

It seemed like her man was reluctant for her to go through any misery.

The next day, Lu Xingzhi left to attend some unknown business after breakfast.

Jiang Yao had Mrs.

Lin bring her to the Medical Officers office.

She wanted to borrow some common medical equipment.

Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lin quickly stated their purpose of visit as soon as they arrived.

Initially, the army doctor was quite pleased to see them.

He was a little over thirty years old and seemed to be a friendly fellow.

Once Jiang Yao made it known she was here to borrow some equipment, the doctors expression changed.

“What do you want it for” Lin Shunhe, the army doctor, scrutinized his visitors as he asked, “You are Jiang Yao, the instructor for the training program”

“Yes.” She nodded.

On her way here, she saw the notice posted on the bulletin board, but it only had her name on it.

With so many soldiers who were able to recognize her, she was not surprised that the army doctor could as well.

Lin Shunhes face darkened hearing Jiang Yaos reply.

“Im not lending it to you! Medical equipment are not to be fooled around with, especially by people like you!”

“People like me”

Jiang Yao was quite bothered by his remark.

“What kind of a person do you think I am”

So, what was the army doctor getting at

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