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Chapter 506: Occasional Fondness

Zhou Weiqis drinking battle invitation was heartily accepted by Luo Ruoran.

Jiang Yao then spent the whole night looking at the duos non-stop drinking.

The funny thing was that Liang Yueze kept refilling Luo Ruorans glass with more liquor, with a smile on his face too.

Jiang Yao could not wrap her head around the couples interaction.

She looked at her glass of soda, before quietly turning her gaze toward Lu Xingzhi, who was busy talking to Chen Xuyao.

He ordered the soda for Jiang Yao.

When it arrived, he immediately set it in front of her.

Even though he was in a conversation with Chen Xuyao, his eyes never really left Jiang Yao.

He instinctively looked at her bowl, seeing that she was looking quite intently at him, he then set his glass down and put two deshelled shrimps in her bowl.

“Anything else you want to eat”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

“I can get what I want, back to the conversation you go!”

The dinner ended around nine at night.

Luo Ruoran, blacked-out drunk, was carried by Liang Yueze into the car.

As Lu Xingzhi drank, Jiang Yao was the one driving them home.

She was not sure how much he drank nor how drunk he was.

As they got into the car, he did not even bother to buckle up.

He extended his hand out and gently played with Jiang Yaos hair silently, his gaze never moving away from her, until they arrived at their destination.

He seemed to be very sober though, as he walked with a steady pace and unlocked the door with no trouble at all.

Jiang Yao changed into a pair of indoor slippers only for her to see Lu Xingzhi pouncing at her suddenly, pressing her against the door.

She was startled by his sudden actions.

His face got closer, she braced for the kiss, but it never came.

He chuckled.

“Brother Liang likes Ruoran when shes drunk, like a clawless tabby cat.”

“Huh” Jiang Yao was surprised.

“Didnt you want to ask me why Brother Liang kept refilling Ruorans shot glass during the dinner This is the answer youre looking for.” Lu Xingzhis lips curled into a smile.

“Just like how I like it too when you drink.”

Jiang Yao blushed.

She kicked him in the shins.

He did know why she was looking at him during dinner, but pretended not to know

She had to admit that her husband understood her very well.

“Well, we need to get up early in the morning tomorrow, thats why I didnt let you drink.” He then sealed her lips with his.

It was a gentle kiss.

He took his time savoring her taste, before prying open the lips with his tongue.

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