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Chapter 505: Xuyao

Lu Xingzhi smiled.

“Which reminds me, Xuyao carries a gun wherever he goes It seems like one with a silencer too! He has such good aim, shooting the tires of a moving van!”

If she did not see it today with her own eyes, she would not have thought that the cheerful Chen Xuyao had such a terrifying side to him.

When he opened fire, there was no hesitation, no concern if lives were at stake.

In his eyes, Jiang Yao did not see any compassion.

“He was kidnapped when he was still a boy.” A brief pause later, Lu Xingzhi added, “They were not like the ones you saw today; those were actual, ruthless criminals.

After his rescue, he did not leave his house for a whole two years.

He would either daydream incessantly or throw a hysterical temper.

Fortunately, with the intervention of a therapist, things became better.

Since then, hes always carried a gun with him.”


“Nobody knows what happened when he was kidnapped, even the therapist could not glean anything from Xuyao.” Lu Xingzhi knew what Jiang Yao wanted to ask.

Chen Xuyao was the only one that had the answer.

The kidnappers were no longer alive.

And the reason for his kidnapping was because of his father, who was in the military.

That was why Lu Xingzhi was petrified learning that Jiang Yao was followed by some unknown people.

Nobody could imagine what an actual criminal could do.

He thought a lot after leaving the police station.

“Ill teach you how to shoot before you return to Nanjiang City.

Once you go back, Ill get you a gun too.

Carry it with you, just in case.”

The car stopped right in front of the hot pot restaurant.

Before Jiang Yao became aware of her surroundings, Lu Xingzhi bent over and unbuckled her seat belt, smooching her in the process.

It was a small but cozy restaurant and seemed to have good business.

It really was a wise choice to have hot pot in this weather.

Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran arrived right after they ordered their food.

Upon sitting down, Luo Ruoran spoke, “The Dus and the Zhous are busy looking for ways to have Mrs.

Zhou freed.

Old Man Du has been confined to the hospital these past few days since hes not feeling well, the Dus dared not tell Old Man Du what happened.”

She reveled in their misfortunes.

“This woman is wonky in the head! Coming up with the idea to kidnap Weiqi to blackmail Xingzhi Damn! She sure is a good aunt! Too bad she will be kicked out of the Zhou family if shes convicted.”


Zhou would not want a wife who was a criminal, he did not want to embarrass himself.

“Nah, the actual reason she wanted to kidnap me was jealousy; she could not bear seeing my wonderful future lying in wait.” Zhou Weiqi knew better.

“Anyway, tonights a celebration for my promotion at work! Luo Ruoran, lets have a drink off!”

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