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Chapter 501: The Mastermind

When he knew that Jiang Yao was being followed, the thought of his identity being exposed, and enemies coming after Jiang Yao for vengeance first came to his mind.

For the past few days, they were often seen in public together in Jindo City; Lu Xingzhi did not intentionally hide the fact that Jiang Yao was his wife.

He did not reveal his marriage status too, yet he was never seen with a woman at his side; people who wanted to know the truth did not need to dig too deep for answers.

While he was on his way here and searching for Jiang Yaos location, his stomach churned, and his heart palpitated.

There was a moment where he regretted bringing Jiang Yao into the social circle of Jindo City.

“Sure, Ill be going now then.

Give me a call later and let me know how things turn out.”


Liang looked at his clothing and then at Lu Xingzhis casual clothes; he knew it was inappropriate for him to be seen in public.

Moreover, things were settling down, with Jiang Yao and the gang free from danger, his men were not needed.

Lu Xingzhi jumped out of the car and dashed toward Jiang Yao.

“Xingzhi!” She saw a silhouette of a person running toward her and waved.

The smile on her face brighter than the sun shining behind.

“Are you hurt” Lu Xingzhi held her hand tightly and asked nervously.

“Im fine, thankfully Xuyao came right on time.” Jiang Yao shook her head.

Seeing Lu Xingzhis deep frown, she knew that he was genuinely frightened by her phone call.

“Whats going on here” Lu Xingzhi pulled Jiang Yao into an embrace before throwing the question at Chen Xuyao and Zhou Weiqi.

“Theyre a bunch of street hooligans paid for by Mrs.

Zhou to kidnap Weiqi.

Look, she gave them a photograph too.” Chen Xuyao picked up the photograph on the ground and handed it over to Lu Xingzhi.

“Its funny.

They cant find any photographs of Weiqi at the Zhou familys place.

Look at this, its Weiqis photograph from his student ID when he was still in school.

Im guessing he mustve left it laying around somewhere in the Zhou family.”

“What is she doing trying to kidnap Weiqi, hes got nothing to do with them anymore.” Lu Xingzhis face looked like thunder.

He walked toward the thugs trembling on the floor and asked, “Whos in charge here”

“The first guy over there.” Jiang Yao pointed at Lin Fulian cowering in the corner.

“He wanted to escape in the van but Xuyao busted the tires with his pistol.

He was frightened bad.

Very bad.”

Yet, Jiang Yao did not think these people were exaggerating their reactions.

Having lived two lives, this was her first time seeing an actual firearm in action.

The kidnappers were not actual, blood-thirsty criminals too; they were just some random street hooligans.

Even the tattoos seen on most of the thugs were temporary ones, apparently it was to make them look ferocious and vicious.

A little bit of water was all it needed to remove these tattoos.

They got in on the act because Du Rongzhen, or Mrs.

Zhou, paid handsomely.

According to her, their target was a good-for-nothing young dandy.

They were to only kidnap him, make him suffer a little bit before returning him to Mrs.

Zhou, no killing was involved.


Zhou was generous with her payment, that was why they got a few of their fair-weather friends together and accepted the job.

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