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Chapter 497: Try My Best

“Thats enough, Jiang Yao! Have mercy on us! We dont understand a single word youre saying.

Whatever you say is the final decision!” Zhou Weiqi raised his hands.

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes.

Well, if he said so…

“Seems like we still have some time.

Im going to do some grocery shopping with Jiang Yao at the market, come over for dinner later at Golden Harbor.

Were celebrating my first day of work tomorrow, the omen of more great things to come!”

Worried that the duo would engage in an endless discussion if left alone, Zhou Weiqi quickly remarked before dragging Jiang Yao out of Chen Xuyaos office.

Zhou Weiqi became the chauffeur of the day, ferrying Jiang Yao to the destination of her want.

He sang on the top of his lungs while driving, beating his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat itself.

Suddenly, he stopped and turned to Jiang Yao asking what she wanted to eat for dinner.

Jiang Yao earnestly pondered upon the question.

“Hot Pot The perfect food for warm weather!”

Zhou Weiqi suddenly screamed.

His body tensed up, and he looked at the rear of the car, his voice betraying a slight panic.

“Jiang Yao! Someones following us!” He blurted out.

“See that van behind us I saw it when we exited the junction at Golden Harbor! We were at Xuyaos office for quite some time, theyre still here!”

Jiang Yao was frightened by Zhou Weiqis sudden exclamation, she was about to turn her head when Zhou Weiqi stopped her.

“Dont look back! This is a very secluded road, if they realize we know that they are following us, they might rush forward and block our way!” Words came speeding out of his mouth, he was talking in a very hurried tone.

“Give Xuyao and Brother Lu a call! Call Xuyao first, hes closer to us!”

As a graduate of the military academy, his keen observation skills were finally put to good use.

It initially slipped his mind that the van was stalking them out, but after seeing it again after exiting Chen Xuyaos company, Zhou Weiqi knew for sure that they were being followed.

Nobody knew why, but they were definitely not there with the best intentions.

A van could hold up to a dozen burly guys, with only Jiang Yao and him in the car, fighting them head-on was not the smartest way.

He did not care if he was injured, or worse, killed; yet, if anything were to happen to Jiang Yao, he could never forgive himself.

Jiang Yao panicked, but held herself well.

She gave Chen Xuyao a call first, informing him that Weiqi and her were being followed.

She also divulged their current location and places they would pass by later.

After that, she called Lu Xingzhi.

When he received the call, Lu Xingzhi was in a meeting with Mr.

Liang at his office.

He was petrified to find out that Jiang Yao was being followed.

“Try to drag it out and buy some time! Ill come here with some people from Uncle Liangs, the quickest twenty minutes.” Lu Xingzhi gestured at Mr.

Liang before asking, “Is that alright”

“Yes!” Jiang Yao could not determine who these stalkers were, she did not know how many people were in the van, nor who was their intended target.

With only Zhou Weiqi and her in the car, she was not sure if she could delay twenty minutes if the stalkers decided to assault them.

Yet, she would try her best to.

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