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Chapter 495: Du Chens Reason

All Jiang Yao could think of, on the way to the Liangs, was Du Chens action.

Was he genuinely indifferent, or was he scheming behind her back

Liang Yuekai gave Jiang Yao the answer she was looking for.

“What Du Chen wants the most now is his grandfather, Old Man Du, to feel guilty.

Hed preferred that over being able to stand up again.” Liang Yuekai added after hearing the conversation in the living room.

Coincidentally, he knew Du Chens full backstory, albeit unwittingly.

“Brother Liang, you know” Jiang Yao was startled.

“I dont really get it; what do you mean by he wants Old Man Du to feel guilty”

Liang Yuekai smiled at Jiang Yao.

“Thats fair, you dont know the story about Du Chens accident.”

He sat down in the middle of the living room and continued, “Du Chens car accident was the talk of Jindo City when it happened way back then.

Before the accident, Du Chen could be described with the word exemplary.

Everything changed after the accident.

With his injury, he fell into a deep slump, only getting back on his feet recently.

Back then, werent you all betting that Du Shixian was the mastermind behind the accident”

Jiang Yao understood the words between the lines spoken by Liang Yuekai.

“So, youre saying that he really is the one behind Du Chens accident” Chen Xuyao shivered.

“Thats scary! We were just speculating and didnt really believe that Du Shixian did it.

I cant believe it! Du Chen is still Du Shixians nephew after all!”

“Well, its not that surprising actually.” Luo Ruoran shrugged.

“Du Shihua and Du Shixian are brothers from different mothers.

Du Chen was only younger than Du Shihua by a few years.

He was the star of the family, overshadowing everything Du Shihua did.

The greater the achievements of Du Chen, the more Du Shihua was portrayed as an incapable man.

The more affection Du Chen received from Old Man Du, the less Du Shihua was loved by his father.”

In a family with historically weak kinship and ties, there was always a rift between siblings from different mothers.

Moreover, Du Shixians mother was a cruel and greedy woman, was there anything else her son would not do

The accident almost took away Du Chens life; being on a wheelchair was a miracle.

Lu Xingzhis brain was in overdrive.

Listening to Liang Yuekai, he seemed to have come up with an inkling of the situation.

“Du Chen possesses evidence that Du Shixian was the one behind the accident” That was all he could think of.

“Thats why hes not in a hurry to stand up, no, hes fine not being able to stand up again.

As long as hes bound to the wheelchair for the rest of his life, Old Man Dus guilt will never go away, and the misdoings of Du Shixian and Mrs.

Du even far worse.”

“Exactly.” Liang Yuekai nodded.

“It doesnt matter if Du Chen knows who the Divine Doctor is.

Dont worry, he will not and dare not expose Jiang Yao.

The time for vengeance is coming, he cannot risk revealing the Divine Doctors true identity.”

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