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Chapter 491: Pursue

The crowd, hearing that the occupants of the office had chased the Divine Doctor away, sighed.

A lost opportunity.


Du could not believe what had just happened.

Her breathing quickened, and just as suddenly, she fainted.

Du Shihua stood flabbergasted, not even a single sound escaped his mouth.

With an expression full of regret, Mrs.

Zhou mumbled, “I really cannot believe the Divine Doctor is actually so young!”

“Ill go after her, even if I have to kneel down and beg for her help!” Du Shihua dashed out.

The Divine Doctor and her companion were already miles away, what else could he do

“Are you okay, Cousin Chen” Zhou Ning saw the muted Du Chen and pushed her mother.

“Mom, is he going insane”

“Im fine.” Du Chen finally spoke.

He chuckled, “Perhaps this is my fate.”

He did not expect the Divine Doctor to be a young lady too!

“Auntie, this my fate.

Its fine, Im used to being in a wheelchair anyway.

Can you tell father and mother to just let it go” Du Chen said in a soft voice, his eyelids hid the emotions behind his eyes.

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao returned to Kin City after their trip to the farmers market.

Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao came over after work too with Zhou Weiqi taking over Lu Xingzhis responsibility as the chef.

He was in a good mood it seemed, as he whistled while preparing dinner.

“Well, well.

The Dus and the Zhous have done it again.” Chen Xuyao was speechless hearing Jiang Yaos recount of what happened back at the hospital.

“If only they were a little more well-mannered; knowing that youre not the real deal, they could have rejected you politely or even questioned your credibility.

There are so many ways out, and they chose the most irrational one.”

“The Zhous are truly the scum of the society.” Zhou Weiqi added.

He did not have to hold back anymore after severing ties with the Zhou family.

Lu Xingzhi thought that his comment was well-said.

“Did you submit your resignation letter”

“Just did, Brother Liang kept urging me to do it.

Ill officially resign once I handle all the formalities at work.” Zhou Weiqi exclaimed.

“I dont mind a break, you know.

Uncle Liangs really pushing me!”

“There are open positions in the city council of Jin City, and I believe the city council at Xihang City has a few openings too.

Your wish is not granted.” Lu Xingzhi rained on Zhou Weiqis parade.

Old General Liang was the one that told Lu Xingzhi about the news.

The Liang family had always been very efficient at getting things done; getting Zhou Weiqi a position in the city council was an easy job.

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