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Chapter 489: Shes Not the Divine Doctor

According to the Medical System, the actual cause for Du Chens handicap was trauma at his cervical vertebrae and the nervous system around it, instead of his leg as widely assumed.

It seemed that it was the part of the body most seriously injured during the accident years ago.

It had been years since, the bones and the nerves around it had healed in a way that nothing much could be done, if modern day medical technology was used.

Hearing the Divine Doctors request, Du Chen handed the report over.

Jiang Yao instinctively removed her gloves as she extended her hands to take it.

Suddenly, Mrs.

Du and Mrs.

Zhou rushed forward, snatched the report back, gave Jiang Yaos hand a hard slap and shoved her away!

Jiang Yao, not able to avoid the assault, looked down at her hand with a big red handprint on it.

It hurt, no kidding!

“Shes not the Divine Doctor! Shes not the Divine Doctor! The Divine Doctor cannot be a young lady!” Mrs.

Du trembled in rage.

Jiang Yao, shoved by Mrs.

Zhou, almost lost her footing.

Fortunately, Lu Xingzhi was there to catch her.

“Who pushed her!” Lu Xingzhi roared, “Who did it!”

“Lu Xingzhi! This is not the Divine Doctor! It must be a ploy set by Zhou Weiqi and you to trick us! I never trusted that boy, why would he leave the Zhou family without asking for anything! I shouldve known!” Mrs.

Zhou screamed at the top of her voice, “What do you want to do to Du Chen”

“How can you do this! We fulfilled all your conditions! How could you have a random woman impersonate the Divine Doctor!” Mrs.

Du was furious! She pointed at the Divine Doctor impersonator.

“Fortunately, we found out! Do you plan to tell us that the operation was a failure and Du Chen, unfortunately, could not make it out alive”

“Lu Xingzhi! How could you be such a cold-blooded person!” Mrs.

Zhou charged forward, “Im going to tear down your disguise, you filthy impersonator! How dare you!”

Jiang Yao raised her leg instinctively and held onto her mask at the same time.

“Yes! I am the impersonator! Do whatever you want with Du Chens leg! I am out of here!” Jiang Yao could not hold her anger in.

She felt wronged, she did not deserve the physical assault!

She got everything she needed though, the money was in her account and the notice was already published.

Perfect, now she did not even have to go through with the operation.

“Enough!” The silent Du Chen suddenly shouted.

He looked at Lu Xingzhi and the lady beside her.

“I am so sorry, Divine Doctor, its my mother and my aunts mistake.

Divine Doctor, do you think I can stand up again”

“It doesnt matter anymore, does it No one else in the entire world but I can mend your leg.” Jiang Yao remarked sarcastically.

“Well, since you dont believe in me and dont need my services anymore, great! Good riddance!”

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