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Chapter 481: You Have to Be Here Anyway

The reason why the location of the meet-up was set at the Liang familys was to send a message to Mr.

Zhou that Zhou Weiqi had plenty of support behind him, and everything he did would be heavily scrutinized, plus anything said could not be taken back.

Lu Xingzhi gave Colonel Lin a heads up before departing for Jindo City along with Jiang Yao.

Fortunately, Jindo City was located not too far from Jin City, it was not too tiring to travel between the two cities in a single day.

Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran returned home by midday due to Zhou Weiqis affair.

Except for Mr.

and Mrs.

Liang Yuekai and Old General Liang, everyone else was present when Lu Xingzhi arrived with Jiang Yao, that included both Chen Xuyao and Zhou Weiqi.

The house was as lively as ever, bustling with people.

Grandmother Liang liked to have guests over and was not perturbed by the younglings and their shenanigans.

Upon entering, Lu Xingzhi saw Zhou Weiqi talking on his cell phone with a serious expression on his face.

He walked up to Zhou Weiqi, instantly snatched his cell phone away, turning it off and putting it in his own pocket, leaving a dumbfounded Zhou Weiqi behind.

“Xingzhi is here.” Luo Ruoran greeted Jiang Yao and led her to the couch.

She asked, “Do you think Mr.

Zhou would dare to come this afternoon We do have a lot of people here.”

“He has to, he has no choice.” Liang Yueze looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“Both Mr.

and Mrs.

Du are pressuring him and hot on his tail, he has to come here and put on a show even if he genuinely doesnt want to.”

Some time ago, the Zhou family was indebted to the Du family with a huge favor.

With Du Chen his only offspring, Du Shihua was banking all his hopes on the Divine Doctor.

No matter how reluctant Mr.

Zhou was, he had to come to the Liangs this afternoon.

Both Mr.

and Mrs.

Du would tag along too, Liang Yueze predicted.

After lunch, the group of people seeing that they still had time to spare started to play a game of mahjong.

With Gu Haoyu overseas, the rest of the Masters of Jindo, the four of them to be exact, played a game together.

In just under an hour, Zhou Weiqi was the biggest loser.

Even Jiang Yao, who did not know how to play mahjong, could see that he was in a very tense state.

He kept stealing looks at Lu Xingzhi, seemingly wanting to speak to him.


Zhou arrived right on time at two oclock.

He was followed by Mr.

and Mrs.

Du, along with Zhou Changkang.


Zhou and Zhou Ning were absent, they were probably too humiliated to see Jiang Yao again after their recent blunder.


Liang and Grandmother Liang left for a walk the moment the guests arrived.

It was obvious that they wanted no part in the kids affair, and by doing so, they were also showing their support, albeit in a quiet manner.

As guests, even though they were not welcomed, the Zhous and the Dus were invited by Liang Yueze to sit.

As he sat down, Mr.

Zhou scanned the room and its occupants, with his gaze falling onto Zhou Weiqi at the end.

He berated, “Why did you turn off your cell phone”

Before Zhou Weiqi could speak, Lu Xingzhi casually took his cell phone out from his own pocket and slammed it on the table.

“Im here, theres no need for a phone call.

If you have anything to say, say it right here.”

Lu Xingzhi knew that the Zhou family was the caller when he saw Zhou Weiqis expression and presumed that Mr.

Zhou was trying to make things difficult for him.

That was why Lu Xingzhi went ahead and seized Zhou Weiqis cell phone.

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