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Chapter 478: Ample Gratitude

“My wife said shes going to start a pharmaceutical manufacturing company when she returns to Nanjing City.

Along with that, shell have a production line ready just for the military.” Lu Xingzhi spoke with immense pride.

Colonel Lin raised his head and observed Lu Xingzhi.

Not surprisingly, even as he was bragging, his face remained emotionless.

His eyes, however, betrayed a certain gentleness, only seen when the words “my wife” were mentioned.

“Shes a good one.” Colonel Lin suddenly found himself in an awkward situation, not being able to come up with words to describe Lu Xingzhis wife.

Instead of being stingy with his words, Colonel Lin realized he was not able to come up with a suitable description for Jiang Yao.

He owed his life to her, without whom he would have been a crippled former soldier.

“Well have to thank your wife one way or the other.” Colonel Lin hobbled out in crutches with Lu Xingzhis report in his hands.

He was clearly in a hurry to submit the report to the higher-ups, as it was something he had great expectations on.

Lu Xingzhi was very pleased.

He tucked his hands into the pockets of his trousers, he wanted to thank his wife too.

How should he go about it

By showing his gratitude on bed, she would probably like it very much.

Lu Xingzhi went for a long walk around the huge center field after leaving Colonel Lins office.

This was his only way to keep fit and get some exercise under his belt.

Without it, he would have to expend all his pent-up energy onto someone else, whom he believed, would not be pleased at all.

His return to the platoon did not mean that he was back to his usual grind as he was still nursing his injuries.

With plenty of time to spare, he took a detour to the canteen and had a talk with the chef since he wanted to cook some dishes up for lunch later.

Jiang Yao took a little over two hours to finish her grocery trip.

She was on her way upstairs when Lu Xingzhi returned.

“Ill take it.” Lu Xingzhi quickly seized the bag of groceries from Jiang Yaos hand, ignoring her feeble attempts at wrestling it back.

After entering the house, Jiang Yao took a long hard look at Lu Xingzhi.

“Are you alright Dont force yourself!” The much cooler weather now meant that the vegetables and fruits could be kept longer than usual, hence Jiang Yao bought quite a lot of produce.

Lu Xingzhi ignored Jiang Yao; was she doubting his masculinity Instead he carried everything into the kitchen.

His cell phone started ringing as he entered the kitchen, with his hands full, he turned his body toward Jiang Yao and said, “My phones in this pocket, can you help me answer it”

Everyone in the platoon knew he was on medical leave, so it could not be anything from work, which meant that it could only be one of his buddies or the Zhou and Du family calling.

Jiang Yaos hand was a little icy.

As she inserted her fingers into his pocket, they brushed his skin through the thin barrier of fabric.

Lu Xingzhi let out a small yelp.

“HA!” Amused, Jiang Yao inserted her entire hand into the pocket and rubbed his thigh, only retrieving the cell phone after seeing his face twisted in agony.

“Its Xuyao, pick it up.” Lu Xingzhi saw the caller ID, and looked at Jiang Yao, giving her a solemn look before putting his attention into organizing the just-bought products.

Even though Chen Xuyao was calling Lu Xingzhi, he was not at all surprised to hear Jiang Yao on the other end of the line.

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