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Chapter 477: Can I

“Is it the medicine you gave me the last time I was out on a mission” Lu Xingzhi remembered how useful they were.

Jiang Yao nodded.

“Thats the least I can do.

I dont want to see more bodies buried in the Martyrs Cemetery.

Even if they lose a limb, its still better than dying.”

Lu Xingzhi, after a long silence, gently caressed Jiang Yaos hair and smiled.

“Alright! I will submit the training report tomorrow, this is an excellent suggestion!” Lu Xingzhi continued, “Once its approved, youll oversee the training.

I dont trust any other doctor but you.”

“Can I” Jiang Yaos eyes widened.

“Im only a freshman in medical school!”

“Dont worry, youll be fine.” Lu Xingzhi was adamant.

“You know your stuff.

Plus, I believe youll put in more effort than the others.”

Not forgetting that if she took charge of the training program, she would have to stay in the platoon for at least a week or two.

That meant she would be with him often.

Jiang Yaos capabilities were well-known by Colonel Lin and the Liang family; Lu Xingzhis recommendation for Jiang Yao to oversee the training program would be approved.

“Go ahead with the pharmaceutical company.

Talk to me or Brother Liang if you need any help.

Once the medicine is mass-produced, Ill take care of the rest.” Lu Xingzhi loved the woman in his arms to bits.

“Alright!” Jiang Yao nodded in earnest.

“However, if your superior rejects me as the person-in-charge of the training program, you cannot get yourself into a fight with them, okay Its fine for others to take over.”

“Silly!” Lu Xingzhi pinched Jiang Yaos nose.

Who would disagree when the Liang family has got his back

The next morning, Jiang Yao gave Mrs.

Lin a ride to the farmers market in Jin City.

They were both in a good mood and had a good time talking to each other on the way.

On their way back home, they stopped by Mrs.

Lins house to fetch her son.

Back in the platoon, Lu Xingzhi went straight to his office and prepared the report immediately for submission to Colonel Lin.

Knowing Colonel Lin, he could not stay still at home.

The moment Mrs.

Lin left, he hobbled over to his office downstairs.

Seeing Lu Xingzhi, the two men locked eyes in unison.

“Hoho, Captain Lus working sick” Colonel Lin teased.

Lu Xingzhi grinned.

He put the report on Colonel Lins desk and retorted, “Not as much a workaholic like Colonel Lin.”

Colonel Lin knew full well how ridiculous he looked.

Seeing what Lu Xingzhi put on his desk though, he was intrigued.

“I dont know whos more of a workaholic here.

I just arrived and yet Captain Lu already had his report done and dusted.” Colonel Lin joked as he opened the report.

At first, he was still full of smiles, but as he read, the smile disappeared, giving way to an expression of pleasant surprise.

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