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Chapter 459: Idiot

Zhou Weiqi intentionally bumped into Chen Xuyao, perhaps unhappy that he was left alone just now, before continuing to walk with Zhan Qiuhe.

“Idiot!” Chen Xuyao rubbed his shoulder, his face twisted with pain.

Why did he not do it to Jiang Yao or Lu Xingzhi instead

Returning to where Master Cai was at, it looked to be more crowded and livelier than before.

Standing next to him was a man who looked just like him, his son perhaps.

“Its quite calm in here.” Lu Xingzhi, along with Jiang Yao, stood next to Master Cai.

Master Cai heard his voice and looked at them before saying, “This is just the beginning.”

He was at the sidelines watching; another master was busy doing the interpreting now.

Jiang Yao allowed her gaze to wander around until she saw Huang Chengjing in an exchange with his assistant.

Seeing that her attention was not reciprocated, she decided not to approach him.

The entire process of interpreting a stone could be described as intense and hair-raising.

In one swift motion, the stone was slashed apart, revealing a faint green glow.

The crowd cheered.

The subsequent cut however, had the buyer in tears.

A stone bought for one hundred and fifty thousand instantly became a piece of junk worth nothing more than a hundred and fifty.

Just like life and its ups and downs, people spent huge sums of money and see the promise of an even greater return only for all effort to go down the drain.

Precisely how Lu Xingzhi described it.

Stone gambling was exhilarating, but it could be devastating as well.

It was getting cold, so Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao left after two hours at the Purple Orchid Garden.

Chen Xuyao, however, was very fascinated with the proceedings and stayed back along with Zhou Weiqi, who was there to accompany his crush.

Lu Xingzhi immediately turned on the heating just as Jiang Yao entered his car.

He adjusted her hat and said, “Wait here for me,” before entering a nearby stall and returning with a mug of hot flower tea in his hands.

“Drink it if youre thirsty.

If youre not, just hold it, itll keep you warm.” He shoved the tea into Jiang Yaos hands and started the car.

Lu Xingzhi drove a little faster on their way back home.

He had Jiang Yao settled in bed before entering the bathroom to shower.

Looking at his eagerness, Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi was ready for some action tonight, after a long period of not being able to do so.

After bathing, Lu Xingzhi stood in front of the mirror and looked at his scars.

The wounds healed really fast, owing to Jiang Yaos mysterious medicine, only scars remained.

They rest on his chest like a couple of long, ugly centipedes.

A seasoned military man, he was never afraid of going into missions and returning with injuries.

And yet, this was his first time looking at the scars he had received and feeling upset about them, wondering if Jiang Yao would find them unappealing.

Despite spending some time in the hospital, Lu Xingzhi looked healthy as ever with Jiang Yaos constant care and the Liang familys homecooked meals.

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