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Chapter 458: The Stone is Fine

Jiang Yao smiled at Huang Chengjing.

“Fancy seeing you here Mr.

Huang! Are you here for stone gambling too”

Huang Chengjing nodded.

Seeing Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao empty-handed, he presumed that they were here just to look around.

He continued, “I am currently planning to start a jewelry business with some friends.

I came over after receiving news that a rough stone trade fair is going on here.

Perhaps I may get lucky and make some good purchases.”

While Huang Chengjing was talking to Jiang Yao, his assistant came over holding a piece of rough stone which he was earlier observing; he seemed ready to make the payment.

Seeing that, Jiang Yao ended the conversation and urged Huang Chengjing to return to his work.

They agreed to have dinner again together once they were back at Nanjiang City and had time off.

She had Huang Chengjing bring his daughter, Huang Chenchen, out the next time they meet.

“Whos Huang Chenchen” Chen Xuyao asked.


Huangs daughter.” Lu Xingzhi recalled how Jiang Yao used to talk about Huang Chenchen; she looked really fond of the little girl.

That was why Lu Xingzhi wanted to have a daughter together with Jiang Yao.

The trio walked around the compound with Lu Xingzhi giving Jiang Yao a quick masterclass on rough emerald stones and stone gambling.

She never knew that there were so many things to learn about emerald stones, including the intricate structure of one such gem.

Curious, she touched the rough stone next to her and thought to herself how expensive it must be.

Just as suddenly, she realized that the stone she touched had started glowing.

The originally gloomy stone started radiating a faint green light.

Alarmed, she retracted her hands, thinking that she damaged the stone.

She looked at Lu Xingzhi and noticed he was already looking at her, only then she pointed at the stone.

“You want it” Lu Xingzhi asked.

Jiang Yao shook her head violently.

She was just about to say that the stone was damaged, when she looked back and saw that it was back to normal, the faint green light was gone.

Oh no! It was not the stone that was damaged, it was her eyes!

“Whats wrong” Lu Xingzhi was a little concerned.

“Nothing.” Jiang Yao smiled, deciding to enter the Medical System later that night and ask for help from the System Admin.

“I think Jiang Yao is petrified by the ugly stone and how expensive it is.” Chen Xuyao exclaimed.

“Why am I stuck here with my business I shouldve gone overseas and dug up rocks, perhaps thats all I need for me to strike gold.”

“Right.” Jiang Yao did not notice the price tag on the stone.

The trio left the compound just as Zhou Weiqi and Zhan Qiuhe came walking by.

The lady was very quiet and sheepish.

On the other hand, Zhou Weiqi spoke loudly, with his voice being heard before he was seen.

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