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Chapter 454: Its Not That Bad

The group of four met in front of the entrance to the Purple Orchid Garden.

Lu Xingzhi took a phone call before entering with the others.

They walked straight ahead and stopped right in front of a middle-aged man dressed in a blue robe.

It was rare to see someone dressed in an antique robe nowadays, not to mention it was a man in his fifties, who looked charming in it.

“This is my mentor.” Lu Xingzhi stood in front of Master Cai and introduced him to Jiang Yao, before turning back and said, “This is my wife, I brought her here for a visit.”

Jiang Yao moved her scarf out of her faces way and smiled at Master Cai.

She was not sure how to address the master, so after a brief thought, she decided to follow Lu Xingzhi and greeted, “Nice to meet you, Master Cai, my name is Jiang Yao.”

Master Cais sullen face instantly lit up seeing Jiang Yao.

“Just call me Uncle Cai, I never did acknowledge him as my disciple.

I have to say though, Xingzhi is fortunate to have a wife like you!”

“Tut – tut,” he continued, “the same cannot be said for you, young lady.

There are so many guys in the world and yet you chose him Thats unfortunate!”

“Whats wrong with Brother Lu” Zhou Weiqi muttered under his breath.

“I think they look perfect together!”

Master Cai waved his hands as if to shoo them away.

“Go, go! I know youre not here to see me.”

Chen Xuyao smirked.

Zhou Weiqi did not realize it but Master Cai was actually happy seeing Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao.

He pretended to be otherwise because he was probably still upset at Lu Xingzhis previous antics.

“Well return later.” Lu Xingzhi pinched Jiang Yaos palm and motioned for her to wrap her scarf tighter.

There was no heating in the compound, and the winds were getting chilly.

They were just about to leave when they heard a girl approaching, calling out softly, “Gramps!”

“Zhan Qiuhe!”

Zhou Weiqi recognized the person.

“Why are you here” Zhou Weiqi immediately approached her and asked.

He seemed to have forgotten the presence of anyone else in the compound, his eyes fixated on her.

He stood speechless for a few seconds before asking, “Is that makeup on your face Looks beautiful!”

“You know each other” Master Cai instantly pulled Zhan Qiuhe behind him after seeing Zhou Weiqis sudden approach.

“Weiqis crush,” Lu Xingzhi explained, seeing Jiang Yaos puzzled look.

She instinctively looked at the girl and immediately noticed the dimples on her cheeks.

It was not obvious but they became apparent once she started speaking.

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