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Chapter 448: Cutie Pie


Liang stole a look at Jiang Yao, who was wrapped tightly like a dumpling, and laughed.

“Its only October! Youre afraid of the cold, arent you Theres heating in the house though, you should be fine taking off your jacket and scarf here.”

Jiang Yao was just about to remove her scarf and her hat when Luo Ruoran, wiping her hands dry on her apron, called out, “Hold on! Hold on! Let me pinch those cheeks first!”

Using her thumb and index finger, Luo Ruoran lightly squeezed Jiang Yaos rosy cheeks.

“Youre lacking some meat here,” she complained.

Jiang Yao was skinny, together with her palm-sized face she looked frail.

Fortunately, she exuded vigor, and her aura more than made up for her tiny frame.

She looked adorable cloaked in a dense layer of winter clothing, together with the pinkish color tones and her pair of big, sparkly eyes.

Luo Ruoran retracted her hands, but not before flicking the pom-pom on Jiang Yaos hat and asked, “Did Xingzhi prepare these for you”

“Who else can it be And hes just as annoying, always flicking the pom-pom on my hat.” Jiang Yao held her head up and exclaimed.

She did not plan to put on the scarf before exiting the car as it was only a few seconds distance from the parking spot to the door.

Yet, under Lu Xingzhis insistence, she had to pile on the winter warmers before leaving the car.

“Lets go.

We cant cook anyways and are going to be a nuisance in the kitchen.

Lets catch up in the living room.” Mrs.

Liang walked out with both Luo Ruoran and Jiang Yao.

She smiled brightly, like a gentle breeze under the warm springtime sun.


Liang had always liked Jiang Yao.

Ever since the incident at the hospital, she liked her—a skinny yet assertive and capable woman—even more.

Tonights gathering at the Liang family was held to celebrate Lu Xingzhis discharge from the hospital.

Knowing that he planned to visit the Purple Orchid Garden later in the night with Jiang Yao, the dinner at the Liangs started early.

Everyone else except Zhou Weiqi was there when dinner was served.

Jiang Yao turned around to see both Lu Xingzhi and Chen Xuyao checking their watches.

She asked, “Should we give him a call”

Chen Xuyao was about to agree when Lu Xingzhi and Liang Yueze replied instantly in unison.


“No need to.”

They looked at each other and understood that they could only do so much for Zhou Weiqi.

At the end of the day, he had to fight for what he wanted.

Staying with the Zhou family was only going to bring him down.

“Were not waiting for him, lets eat.” Liang Yueze said to Old General Liang and General Chen.

“He wont starve to death.”

“Youre the best big brother around,” Liang Yuekai looked at Liang Yueze and remarked sarcastically.

“I wonder if youll still be here if I did the same.”

Liang Yueze snickered and turned his attention back toward Lu Xingzhi.

“Youre going back to the platoon the day after tomorrow, right Isnt the recognition ceremony on the same day as well”

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