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Chapter 443: The Prodigal Son

Old General Liang wanted to buy it, but Lu Xingzhi did not need that money and refused.

He then tried to obtain the art piece by leveraging their relationship; only to be informed by Lu Xingzhi that he was keeping it for a friend.

Having run out of ideas, Old General Liang gave up on his pursuit.

He did not expect the art piece to appear in todays auction.

“Why didnt you give it to Old General Liang, since he liked it so much!” Jiang Yao could not understand.

Lu Xingzhi was not in want financially; moreover, he had great respect for Old General Liang, if not he would not have gone personally to the frontline to rescue Old General Liang.

Lu Xingzhi looked at Jiang Yao sheepishly and said, “I thought you would like it.”

That was why he spent a small fortune to purchase the art piece and held on to it even when Old General Liang wanted it badly for himself.

It was not until later when he realized that Jiang Yao was not very interested in things like these.

He then had people randomly pick an art piece from his collection to contribute to the auction only for this art piece to be picked.

Things that Jiang Yao did not like were worthless to Lu Xingzhi.

Seeing that the two elders were almost getting themselves into a fight, Lu Xingzhi raised his card and called out his bid.

Immediately, the entire hall was stunned into silence.

Both Old General Liang and General Chen looked at Lu Xingzhi and gave him their deadliest glare.

Whatever it was, a fight was averted.

Due to Lu Xingzhis bidding, the art piece was ultimately returned to him.

“Filthy rich!” Chen Xuyao exclaimed.

“You prodigal boy!” Jiang Yao covered her face, trying to pretend that she did not know this random squanderer sitting next to her.

“If Brother Lu was my wife, hes going to get some from me!” Zhou Weiqi was back to his usual self and started making faces at the two elders sitting in front.

“Hush!” Jiang Yao rebutted.

Only she could chastise her man, nobody else could!

“Jiang Yao.” Zhou Weiqis face turned sour.

“I did it for you! Werent you just unhappy with Brother Lu”

“Its your fault if you are not able to earn enough money for your wife to spend,” Jiang Yao lectured.

Zhou Weiqi extended his arms and continued, “I am not a money-printing machine, how can I do it like Brother Lu”

Lu Xingzhi had a sudden urge to pull Jiang Yao into his embrace and give her a flurry of kisses.

How could she be so adorable

“So, youre saying that you are actually capable of getting yourself a wife” Chen Xuyao patted Zhou Weiqis back.

“Why not Mrs.

Zhou did the legwork for him, Zhang Lanxiang! Its buy one get one for free! Congratulations on being a dad, Weiqi!” Jiang Yao laughed wickedly.

Chen Xuyao looked at Jiang Yao and gave her a high five.

“Good one!”

On the other hand, Zhou Weiqi was not in good shape after receiving abuses left and right.

He thought that Chen Xuyao was his buddy!

Lu Xingzhi gave both Chen Xuyao and Zhou Weiqi a look before quietly leaving the auction hall with Jiang Yao.

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