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Chapter 437: Not Angry

If she had to say, the girl today seemed a little weird, not responding to any insults.

Zhou Weiqis previous dates would have reacted or shown their displeasure receiving such abuse, instead of sitting there apathetically.

This angered Mrs.

Zhou very much.

Those women were not dumb; they knew it was just a fling, and that Zhou Weiqi only saw them as playthings.

According to Zhou Ning, Zhou Weiqi could not provide up to the womens expectations, but what could they do With his buddies backing him up, they could not afford to offend Zhou Weiqi.

Likewise, they also dared not antagonize Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Ning for fear of backlash from the Zhou family.

And yet this woman had the audacity to sit there in silence, stealing only glances occasionally.

They could see a hint of disdain and superiority in her eyes.

Zhou Weiqi sat unmoved, holding the number card firmly in his hand.

On the other hand, Zhou Ning was upset at herself; as the princess of the Zhou family, she could not even retrieve what was rightfully hers from the little mutt, Zhou Weiqi.

Infuriated and having humiliated herself in front of Chen Feibai, she shoved Jiang Yao whilst trying to snatch their number card.

Pushed away from her seat, Jiang Yao decided to stand aside and watch the drama unfold.

Surprised at her indifference, Chen Feibai could not help but ask, “Youre not angry”

“Should I be” Jiang Yao raised her eyebrows and asked.

After giving it some thought, she chuckled and nodded her head.

“Maybe I should.”

Under Chen Feibais astonished expression, she grabbed hold of Zhou Ning and pushed her toward Mrs.


Before everyone could react, she turned and called out for the staff manning the entrance.

The moment she was about to speak, she was held by someone else and heard Mrs.

Zhous sharp squeal as a deep voice boomed, “Get out!”

Lu Xingzhi shielded Jiang Yao with one hand, separating her from Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Ning.

His other hand was hanging in mid-air; he turned his attention toward Zhou Ning, who was frightened solid.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, patted his arm and motioned to him that she was alright.

She then called out for the staff, pointed at Mrs.

Zhou and Zhou Ning and said, “These two are trying to cause trouble here.

Please escort them out.”

The staff looked at Lu Xingzhi, and thought to himself,Cant risk my life offending Hades Lu.

Without even looking at the troublemakers, the staff called for security to escort the ladies out while apologizing to Lu Xingzhi, whose expression was as grim as death itself, “We are very sorry, it is our mistake.”

Zhou Ning and Mrs.

Zhou shouted profanities as they were dragged away.

Every expletive known to man was present that moment, to the uneasiness of the crowd around.

Were they crazy Having humiliated themselves in public, they took it a step further and obnoxiously cursed out the entire room, was it necessary

It was common knowledge that Zhou Weiqi was the illegitimate son of the Zhou family, yet they did not know how badly treated he was, until now.

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