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Chapter 432: Busybody

“Let me make this clear, Jiang Yao.

In case someone sees me and makes unsavory comments toward me, please pretend that you hear nothing.” Zhou Weiqi whispered to Jiang Yao after seeing the Zhou family and Du family around.

“Especially these guys.”

Jiang Yao nodded and looked at the group.


Zhou and Zhou Ning were standing with another couple.

Zhou Ning was very proud of her long legs; she was wearing a short skirt in the morning, and now an evening gown that exposed her legs as well.

She was on heels that were ten inches tall, with make up on her face.

She looked restless however, her eyes darting around the banquet hall.

It seemed like she had seen someone when her eyes suddenly lit up.

She whispered something to her mother before running off in the direction.

Meanwhile, the couple was talking to Mrs.


The lady started tearing up as the conversation went on.

Jiang Yao was not interested in the contents of the conversation and wandered around with Zhou Weiqi.

She turned back to see Zhou Ning standing at the entrance, talking to someone familiar.

The person quickly brushed off Zhou Ning before entering the banquet hall.

It was Chen Feibai.

Jiang Yao remembered seeing him back at Lu Xingzhis platoon.

Chen Feitang followed right behind, with Lu Xingzhi next to her.

Old General Liang, together with an old man that looked to be the same age as him, walked beside Lu Xingzhi.

The old man was General Chen.

Chen Xuyao followed tightly behind.

Everyone in the banquet hall turned their attention toward this procession of people.

Jiang Yao could hear murmurs around her.

“I heard that Old General Liang and General Chen would come, I didnt think it was actually going to happen! Who is that guy beside Chen Feitang Are they together”

“What on earth! Thats Sergeant Lu, Lu Xingzhi, dont you know him”

“I have heard of him, thats all.

Sergeant Lu is always in his platoon, I dont think many people have ever met him.

Unlike the Liang family, Sergeant Lu did not show up to any of the events here at Jindo City.

Apparently, he was instrumental in the rescue of Old General Liang and General Chen.

Who would have thought he looked this good Chen Feitang over there, she likes Sergeant Lu”

“A lot of people know about it.

However, it has been years since, and nothing has come out of it.

If I am to guess, Sergeant Lu probably does not feel the same toward Chen Feitang, if not they would have been together years ago.”

“Thats a pity.

After all, Chen Feitang is a female soldier.

They look like the perfect pair, standing together.”

Jiang Yaos face darkened hearing all these.

What a load of nonsense! Lu Xingzhi was looking for a spouse, not a comrade!

Zhou Weiqi, noticing Jiang Yaos irritation, turned toward the lady that spoke and glared at her.

“Hes married already, dont be such a busybody!”

He grabbed Jiang Yao and left the spot.

Lu Xingzhi saw them too.

He held Jiang Yaos hand after they had walked toward him, and seeing her chilly expression, assumed she was still feeling cold.

“If you are bored, Ill have Weiqi bring you to a room to rest.

Give me some time and well leave after an hour.”

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