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Chapter 430: Zhou Family and Du Family

Lu Xingzhi gently raised his eyebrows.

“Most only see the rare cases where people make it big, yet they did not realize that most gamblers lose everything they have and are forced onto the path of no return.

Fortunately, I have pretty good self-control.”

He saw many instances where people betted their entire fortune on stone gambling.

He admired their courage but had no respect for the way they squandered their wealth.

He was never in want since he was little and lived a financially comfortable life.

In terms of money, he was easily contented.

When he gave Liang Yueze the money for his business, he did not think of exchanging it for shares in his company.

Liang Yueze was the one that came up with the idea.

Lu Xingzhi would receive dividends each year, but he did not concern himself with matters of the company.

He was not interested, and he was too busy for it.

Plus, he trusted Liang Yueze.

“Which reminds me, Brother Lu.

What are you bringing for the charity ball later” Zhou Weiqi asked, but not after pouring everyone a cup of water.

“I sent a painting over some days ago.” Lu Xingzhi passed the cup to Jiang Yao.

Before she could take it, he took it back and checked the temperature.

Seeing Jiang Yaos confused look after he put the cup back onto the table, he replied, “Its hot.”

Lu Xingzhi was very detailed and careful when caring for Jiang Yao, not realizing that she was already an adult and was perfectly capable of doing everything for herself.

He looked at Chen Xuyao and asked, “What about you”

“I wasnt interested to begin with.

However, since I am attending last minute, I dont think anything I send now will make it to the auction in time.

I will be sending goods over.

I heard that the main beneficiary for todays event are rural elementary schools; I will send some winter clothing and stationaries under my companys name.” He looked at Zhou Weiqi after talking.

Zhou Weiqi crossed his legs and rolled his eyes at Chen Xuyao.

“Why are you looking at me Who doesnt know the sloppy son of the Zhou family Im just there for the buzz, dont mind me.”

“Both the Zhou family and the Du family will be there this afternoon, Weiqi doesnt have to bring anything.” Lu Xingzhi nodded.

“Whats the relationship between the two families” Jiang Yao asked.

“The Du family is Mrs.

Zhous natal family; they are as frisky as the Zhou family.” Chen Xuyaos reply was full of sarcasm.

“Old Master Du is over sixty years old now.

His first wife gave birth to a boy and a girl, which are Du Rongzhen, also known as Mrs.

Zhou, and her older brother, Du Shihua.

Their mother died when they were still teenagers.”

Zhou Weiqi chuckled and continued, “When Du Shihua was over twenty years old, Old Man Du remarried.

His new wife was only a few years older than Du Shihua.

She then gave birth to a son, who was also just a few years older than Du Shihuas son, Du Chen.

Old Man Du had always liked Du Shixian, his youngest son, better but treated both Du Shihua and Du Chen well.

After Du Chens accident that kept him in a wheelchair, Old Man Dus partialness toward Du Shixian was intensified, neglecting Du Shihua and his son.

I heard that Old Man Du has plans to pass the patriarch role of the family to Du Shixian.”

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