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Chapter 43: Pet Cushion

Blood drained from the saleswomans face when the charismatic man asked to see the manager of the department store directly.

Nevertheless, she was a little clueless when he mentioned his surname, Lu.

“Why are you still standing here Go!” Everyone in the world knew that Lu Xingzhi had a bad temper and that he had no patience too.

So, as the saleswoman was still standing in a daze, he frowned agitatedly and called for the nearby security guard to get the manager.

The security guard was clueless as to what actually happened, but still sprinted all the way to get the manager.

After five minutes, Manager Zhang rushed over.

When he recognized Lu Xingzhi from a distance, the doubt on his face was immediately replaced with a wide smile.

“Its really you, Master Lu!” Manager Zhang stretched out his hand to offer a handshake as soon as he approached them, but Lu Xingzhi looked at him and his hand without any reaction, so Manager Zhang embarrassedly retracted his hand.

“The security guard told me that someone with the surname Lu is here.

I guessed it must be your family, but I didnt expect it to be you, Master Lu.

Have you come back from the base for a break”

The way Manager Zhang was speaking humbly and his smiling face even after the man gave him a cold shoulder surprised the saleswoman and security guard.

“I called you here to ask you since when is your saleswoman allowed to point her finger at my wife and scold her Since when is my wife not allowed to even touch the skirts in your department store” Lu Xingzhis tone, eyes, and expression radiated the same level of frigidness that made all of them shudder in shock.

He was angry.

He was very, very angry.

The woman he wanted to adore and pamper dearly had been scolded by some hooligans.

Manager Zhang comprehended the situation instantly.

This department store was the largest and most high-end in the city.

It was inevitable that the salespeople would occasionally judge a book by its cover and behave scornfully toward the poor.

Manager Zhang had always felt that poor people would comprehend their status and not simply visit the store and hence, he always turned a blind eye to his staffs misbehavior.

Unexpectedly, they had made such a horrible mistake today and caused him a great disaster.

What did the Lu family represent

Although the Lu family lived in the county, their name was frequently mentioned throughout the city and the whole province.

They were the Lu family with the largest food and brick factories.

Even when the owner of the department store lacked working capital, he had gone to Lu Haixing for some quick loan.

Today, even if it was his boss standing here talking to Lu Xingzhi, he would be ever so modest and humble.

“Go to the human resources department to settle your salary.

You dont have to come in to work after today.” Manager Zhang fired the saleswoman immediately.

He then turned to Lu Xingzhi and apologized profusely.

“Master Lu, Im very sorry for the incident today, its my fault for not properly training my staff.

I sincerely apologize on behalf of the department store.

Have a look around today and whatever you like, just take it, its on the house.”

Lu Xingzhi snorted irritatedly.

“Whatever my wife fancies, Ill buy it for her.

You dont have to pay my bills for me.

Thats it, you can go now.”

Then, he turned to another salesperson and asked her to take down the skirt that Jiang Yao was looking at and proceed to the cashier.

Jiang Yao tugged at Lu Xingzhi and said, “I havent tried it yet, I dont know if it fits.”

“Its just a few hundred dollars.

If you can wear it, just wear it.

If it doesnt fit, give it to Xiaoxiaos dog as its pet cushion,” Lu Xingzhi smirked without a hint of hesitation and distress.

He took Jiang Yaos hand and walked toward the cashier.

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