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Chapter 429: Whats the Difference

The house was renovated in a minimalist design, heavily utilizing both colors of black and white.

It fitted Lu Xingzhis personality—clean and functional.

Zhou Weiqi went in first and had the water boiled while Chen Xuyao sat on the couch and continued the conversation with Jiang Yao.

Lu Xingzhi sat listening to the chit chat like an outsider.

Enjoying Jiang Yaos look of admiration every now and then.

After listening to Chen Xuyao, Jiang Yao was a little excited to attend the event at Purple Orchid Garden tonight.

Jiang Yao knew that Lu Xingzhi was not very fond of money by the way he gave Golden Harbor to Zhou Weiqi; yet she did not know how extreme he could be, until now.

According to Chen Xuyao, Lu Xingzhi learned stone gambling purely for the fun of it.

The ugly stone that he spent three thousand on was, at one time, laughed at by everyone that saw it.

After that transaction, he did not make any purchase of rough stone and thought nothing of stone gambling until Liang Yueze needed money for his new business venture.

Giving every single cent of that seven hundred thousand earned to Liang Yueze, Lu Xingzhi did not even care to know how the money was spent.

Liang Yueze would pay Lu Xingzhi yearly dividends from his company.

Lu Xingzhi would then use the money earned to buy real estate.

Coincidentally, wherever he made his purchases, the price of said property would then shortly rise.

If Lu Xingzhi did not join the military, he would be a very well-respected businessman.

Ironically, they switched their career paths, with Liang Yueze getting into business while Lu Xingzhi decided to join the military.

The Liang family then provided Lu Xingzhi with all the resources that was initially allocated to Liang Yueze.

With the Liang family supporting him, Lu Xingzhis military career was pretty smooth sailing.

“Wow! I had no idea you could just walk away like that.” Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi, awe and admiration filled her eyes.

Lu Xingzhi was very happy to see Jiang Yaos reaction.

“Stone gambling.

Anything with even an ounce of gambling involved is just luck.

No matter how skillful you are, most of the outcome is determined by pure fortune,” Lu Xingzhi explained casually.

“In gambling, everyone is there for the money, while the pursuit of money itself easily confuses even the most rational of humans.

I, on the contrary, am different.”

“Whats the difference” Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi with doubt in her eyes.

“They are there for the money, while I am not.” It might sound phony, but it came from the mouth of Lu Xingzhi; everyone believed him.

They trusted his character.

“I learned the tricks of the trade from an old master only because I thought it was exciting.

After learning all there is to learn, the excitement suddenly faded away.

I was young then, and a little naïve.”

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