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Chapter 408: Cant See

From the conversation with Sergeant Ge back at his room, it was evident that he wanted to be discharged and leave Jindo City today.

Seeing how things were, he would be transferred to Jin City Hospital before transferring again to the village hospital in his hometown for further recovery once his condition had stabilized.

Sergeant Ge would never allow his mother, sister-in-law and nephew freeload off his comrades at the platoon here in Jindo City, who were taking advantage of the circumstance to do some sightseeing.

The incident was finally resolved after Sergeant Ges swift transfer to Jin City hospital.

The damage was done though, as Colonel Lin and Lu Xingzhi were in a crummy mood for the following few days.

For the past few days, Lu Xingzhi was busy making phone calls, trying to arrange for Sergeant Ges transfer.

There was nothing the platoon could do to support Sergeant Ge, so Lu Xingzhi had to utilize his personal connections.

It took him two days, since he was unfamiliar with Sergeant Ges hometown, but he managed to secure a job for Sergeant Ge.

He arranged for Sergeant Ge to work in the local police station.

It was decided that Sergeant Ge would start as a police constable, once he was fit enough to work, and would gradually be promoted.

Lu Xingzhi was quite satisfied with the arrangement.

He was extra courteous over the phone as he now owed someone else a favor because of Sergeant Ge.

He called Major Zhu and told him of the arrangements, and he passed the news along to Sergeant Ge.

It felt like a weight off his chest, as Lu Xingzhi finally broke into a smile after.

“Come here, Dear, let me read to you tonight instead.” Lu Xingzhi felt bad for having neglected Jiang Yao these past few days.

He was busy dealing with Sergeant Ges affairs and was in a bad mood throughout.

He waved to Jiang Yao the moment she stepped out of the bathroom.

“Is there a blue moon tonight” Jiang Yao chuckled and got the book from the desk.

She asked, “Oh right, what were you and Colonel Lin discussing this morning Acting all mysterious and such.”

“Classified information, cant tell you.” Lu Xingzhis eyes trembled ever so slightly, as he patted the empty spot next to him and said, “I am feeling better now, we should sleep together tonight.”

Lu Xingzhi could not take it any longer, seeing his wife everyday but not being able to get intimate with her.

He felt no better than a monk meditating deep in the mountains.

“No funny business.” Jiang Yao laughed, and passed him the book.

She removed her shoes and lay down next to him.

While he was flipping through the book, she quickly snatched the envelope stuck in it and handed it over, “How about this”

Lu Xingzhi stole a glance and muttered, “Whats this They are giving out free gifts now for buying books”

His expression changed when he saw what it actually was, and just as quickly hid the envelope under his pillow.

“Where did you find this”

Jiang Yao shrugged, but snatched it back and laughed, “Where else could it be The locked drawer of course! I found the keys!”

“You cant read this!” Lu Xingzhi panicked, wanting to retrieve the letter from Jiang Yao, who was hiding it behind her back.

He got up, and in one quick motion, pushed Jiang Yao down and wrapped his arms around her.

“Good girl Yaoyao, you cannot read this.

Its classified military stuff!”

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