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Chapter 404: Spoiled

All was well with Lu Xingzhi getting better each day.

Things were a little different for Jiang Yao, however.

It was easy to assume that taking care of a man was simple and straightforward.

Jiang Yao, however, knew better.

Lu Xingzhi took every opportunity available to make it difficult for Jiang Yao, to her extreme annoyance.

It was just the other day when she accompanied him for a walk in the grounds of the hospital.

He came back after the walk and requested to be discharged, believing that everything was now back to normal.

He looked very unhappy when Jiang Yao continued to put him on drips.

Lu Xingzhi visited Colonel Lin, who was still staying next door, every now and then.

Each time, he would talk about his intense training plans.

It was obvious to any listener that he meant to begin the training plan a week later, under his personal guidance.

He was politely asked to leave by both Colonel Lin and Mrs.

Lin, and he received a good scolding from Jiang Yao.

Knowing that he could not leave the hospital any time soon, he turned his attention toward his wife.

Fooling around with her, making her do unnecessary little things like hand feeding him his meals because his hands hurt too much to hold the spoon, or holding the drinking straw for him because his mouth hurt too much to do so.

A few days of shenanigans like these were enough for the nurses at the hospital to know just how much Mrs.

Lu loved her husband, spoiling him like a baby.

Nobody knew how badly Jiang Yao wanted to refute the rumors.

It was all Lu Xingzhis doing, spending all his energy flirting, and teasing her all day long.

A little hug here and there, with some kisses plastered in.

Lu Xingzhi would embrace her and justify his actions with the reason to see if Jiang Yao had been losing weight from all the caretaking work she had been doing.

If not for her explicit refusal and the fact that they were still in the hospital, Lu Xingzhi could spend an entire night on the bed “checking” her.

It was a warm afternoon when Lu Xingzhi woke up from his half-hour nap.

He saw Jiang Yao changing all the medicines sent in by the nurse when he opened his eyes.

He knew from the beginning that the medicines and drips used were sourced from some unknown place by Jiang Yao.

It was not the hospitals medication.

Sometimes they looked colorless, just like filtered water and sometimes they had a little color in them, a light green, or a very pale yellow.

These would go into his body, while the medication prepared by the hospital was disposed of by Jiang Yao.

He knew better than to ask.

Lu Xingzhi waited a little longer before calling out to Jiang Yao, “I thought I saw Zhou Junmin and Wu Pengxin looking for you just now.”

Jiang Yao turned her gaze toward the door, and faintly saw two silhouettes.

“I am going out for a while, be careful here.

If you need anything, wait for me, I will be back in a short while.”

She was a little reluctant to leave Lu Xingzhi alone and kept reminding him to stay put.

Only after seeing his smile of assurance did she leave the room.

What she did not observe was the moment she turned her back toward him, his smile vanished and he furrowed his brows deeply as if in thought.

“Jiang Yao!” Wu Pengxin was the first to react.

The trio walked a few hundred meters away from the room before stopping.

“Sergeant Ge just woke up! The doctor said he is recovering great.

Oh, and his mum and sister-in-law came too, along with a ten-year old boy.”

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