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Chapter 401: A Little Bit

That was because his monotonous voice was filled with love for her.

“You dont like me calling you that” Lu Xingzhi asked after receiving no reply.

“If you dont like it, I wont do it again.”

A brief pause later, he explained, “I heard your parents call you that, it sounded really lovely.”

“It is.”

Engulfed in darkness, Lu Xingzhi could not see Jiang Yaos smiling eyes.

Her voice was calm, but she answered instantaneously.

That was enough information for Lu Xingzhi.

She liked that he called her by her nickname.

Knowing that she could not see it, he broke into a wide grin.

“I know I put you through a lot this time, I am sorry.” Lu Xingzhi had been wanting to apologize for some time.

Taking advantage of the darkness, he finally said it.

Not waiting for Jiang Yaos reply, he added, “Thank you by the way, for saving Colonel Lin.”

Jiang Yao wanted to respond, but hearing Lu Xingzhi mentioned Colonel Lin, she kept her mouth shut, because she knew what he wanted to say.

“Yaoyao, you have a lot of secrets you carry with you.

Your family probably doesnt know them.

If you dont want to say it, I will not force you.” Lu Xingzhi thought and felt that it was best to open the can of worms now.

“Whenever you feel like saying it, I will be here waiting.

Until then, I will not ask you, nor mention anything.”

If she were willing to say it, he would listen.

If she were not, he would help guard her secret.

He respected and trusted her, believing that she would never use her secret to harm him.

“I can feel that you are way ahead with your medical skills and knowledge, even more so compared to the doctors here at the hospital.

It seems like you had something planned when you wanted to purchase the hospital from the Qi family.”

Lu Xingzhi realized after Jiang Yao had saved both Colonel Lim and him from death that she must have had her own reasons to purchase Shenqi Hospital and its shares.

Even the medicine that she gave him must have belonged to her secrets.

He was aware of the amazing effects of the medicine as it greatly helped in slowing down his loss of blood.

If not for the medicine, he would have died of excessive blood loss on his way to Jindo City.

“Yaoyao, I will not investigate any of your arrangements regarding Shengqi Hospital.

As long as it is not something illegal, I will not intervene in any of your decisions.

I have only one condition.” Lu Xingzhi paused for a moment and called out to the girl who had not been talking, “Yaoyao, you have to promise me one thing.”

Jiang Yao asked, “What is it”

“After you graduate, stay by my side.

Dont go somewhere far away.”

He was afraid that he could not protect her if she were somewhere far away.

He had a feeling that she would one day soar to great heights, far away from his reach.

“I will.” Jiang Yao agreed unhesitatingly, she would not forget that he was the most important person to her now.

She was given a chance at rebirth to stay by his side.

After getting her reply, Lu Xingzhi felt much more at ease.

“Rest early,” he said.

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