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Chapter 400: Yaoyao

She waited for a few seconds before hearing his hum in acknowledgement.

Stealing a look at Lu Xingzhi, Jiang Yao turned back and prepared her bed for the night.

“Call Weiqi and ask him to send you home.

The bed here is not clean, who knows how many people have slept on it” He knew his wife very well, knowing that she was slightly germophobic.

It was actually a common trait between doctors, or more particularly, the older doctors.

“I am not as bad as you think,” Jiang Yao muttered.

“Under circumstances and conditions that allow it, I would be as picky as I can.

But, if the circumstance does not allow for it, I can be very flexible and easygoing.”

She paused, seeing Lu Xingzhis frigid expression, she laughed and lay down on her bed while assuring him that she was perfectly okay being here.

“You need constant care here.

I did not tell your parents about your injury yet, so I must be here to make sure that you make a speedy recovery.

Zhou Weiqi actually offered to do shifts with me, but I cannot be rest assured being away from you,” Jiang Yao explained.

She looked around and found the light switch.

Turning it off, she said, “Close your eyes and go to sleep.”

With a click, the lights were switched off, plunging the entire room into darkness.

The hospital was quiet, especially the intensive care ward, which received less foot traffic.

Jiang Yao felt that her hearing had been improving.

Once the room became silent, she could clearly hear Lu Xingzhis breathing.

Listening to his breathing told her that he was not asleep.

Amidst the silence, nobody said a word.

Jiang Yao assumed that Lu Xingzhi was trying to go to sleep, just like she was.

The gentle autumn winds were blowing outside.

The moon, with its seductive curves, looked down with its bright light, like a playful child searching for her seashells by the beach.

Jiang Yao turned her body away from the window and looked at the patient in the room.

Suddenly, he called out.


Hearing that, she was stunned.

Lu Xingzhi always called her by her full name—Jiang Yao.

Likewise, she would do the same to Lu Xingzhi as well.

She did not feel strange that a pair of married couple would address each other by their names in its entirety.

Maybe they were used to it, maybe her name was too short—a character shorter than regular names.

It was perfectly normal to call her with her family name attached.

Yaoyao was her nickname at home.

Everyone in her family would call her by that name.

However, it was her first-time hearing Lu Xingzhi say it.

She did not expect it but found it to be adorable.

The same two words felt different uttered by him.

Maybe because he had a nice voice, or maybe, because he was Lu Xingzhi.

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