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Chapter 394: Private Matters

It was after Jiang Yao had finalized the payment when Mrs.

Lin arrived, short of breath.

“I say Jiang Yao, you ran like the wind! In just a moment, you disappeared! What happened to Sergeant Ge Why was he suddenly sent here to Jindo City”

It must have been severe, if not the hospitals in Jin City would have done their job.

“Why did we have to pay a deposit for the operation” Mrs.

Lin was confused.

For Lu Xingzhi and Colonel Lin, their hospitalization fees were paid for by the platoon.

“Brother Ges matters were caused by events outside the platoons jurisdiction.” Zhou Junmin could not hold himself in.

“That tramp, Sun Cuimei!”

“What is going on I thought that they were finalizing their divorce” Jiang Yao was puzzled.

Were Sergeant Ges injuries caused by Sun Cuimei

“All of that was done two days ago! This afternoon she wanted to visit her daughter in the platoon.

Brother Ge was pleased.

Seeing that even after the divorce that lady still has the heart to visit her daughter.”

It seemed like everything was fine, except that, it was just the first half of the story.

“Who would have thought, Sun Cuimei bought Ge Wenwen many new clothes and snacks.

She must have said something to her in private as Wenwen suddenly changed her mind and wanted to leave with her mother.

Of course, Brother Ge would not allow that to happen.

That was when they started quarrelling.

Oh, that woman Sun Cuimei! She had the audacity to tussle with and push Brother Ge.

He lost his footing and fell headfirst down the stairs.

He has not woken up since!”

Zhou Junmin almost broke down in tears.

“We hurriedly sent him to the hospital at Jin City but the doctors over there said that his condition was too critical and asked us to send him here instead.

I gave you a call after he was wheeled into the operating room.”

His hands were balled up into fists, rage and shock engulfed his conscience.

“You ladies did not see how much blood was spewing out after Brother Ge fell down the stairs.

His legs were…” They looked like they were devoid of any bones, dangling like cooked spaghetti.

Zhou Junmin could not bear to relive what he saw.

“He fainted out of sheer pain.”

Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lin looked at each other, no words escaped their mouths.

It was a while later when Jiang Yao spoke.

“Let us go to the operating room and check things out.”

Jiang Yao speculated that since Sergeant Ge already had an injury on his leg, the fall down the stairs was only going to worsen his injury.

He seemed to have also hurt his head from the fall.

Wu Pengxin was the only one outside the operating room when they arrived.

He greeted Jiang Yao and Mrs.

Lin, “Brother Ge is already undergoing operation, I dont know what the situation is like.”

He sighed, “I hope he is alright.”

“Do you have the examination report from the hospital in Jin City” Now, this was a tricky situation.

Lu Xingzhi would go into an enraged trance if he were to wake up and hear the news.

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