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Chapter 384: Friendly Banter

Only then did Lu Xingzhi spoke, awkwardly, “Weiqi, its me.

I just woke up.”

Right away, Zhou Weiqis rambunctious voice could be heard from the phone.

That really was him, Zhou Weiqi.

He did not think that Lu Xingzhis cold voice was a matter of concern.

From what he knew, except for Jiang Yao, Lu Xingzhi talked to everyone in that exact tone.

Hearing that Lu Xingzhi had woken up, Zhou Weiqi was ecstatic.

He jumped around the living room, skipped on to the couch, threw pillows around and made a mess of his house.

In just half an hour after receiving Jiang Yaos call, the Liang family and the rest of Lu Xingzhis buddies were already gathered in his ward.

The earliest to come was, however, Colonel Lin.

After knowing that Lu Xingzhi had woken up, Colonel Lin insisted on coming, to the dismay of the doctors.

They finally relented and asked several strong male nurses to carry him on a stretcher over to Lu Xingzhis room.

Lu Xingzhi looked at the visitor on the stretcher and chuckled.

That was enough to make his wounds hurt again.

Jiang Yao glared at him.

“Didnt I tell you not to laugh! The violent contractions of your chest caused by a laugh is strong enough to tear open your wounds!” She used the Medical System and gave him a scan, relieved to find that nothing bad had happened.

“Colonel Lin looks pathetic.” Lu Xingzhi wanted to laugh, but seeing Colonel Lins leg, he suddenly felt sorry.

He did not know the extent of Colonel Lins injuries, but he assumed that his leg was done for.

When Lu Xingzhi found Colonel Lin in the dimly lit room, he was enraged at what he saw.

They were only separated for a few hours, but that was enough time for Colonel Lin to go through inhumane torture.

He laughed, not because of how ridiculous it looked when Colonel Lin was carried in, but at how buoyant both he and Mrs.

Lin looked.

They both faced adversity with a positive attitude.

Behind his laughter though, was sorrow.

When Lu Xingzhi was still a student, Colonel Lin taught him many things not found in classes and books.

To him, Colonel Lin was his superior, his comrade, a big brother to him.

Colonel Lin was very proficient in warfare strategy and leading soldiers into battle, even more so than he was.

“Jiang Yao is right! How could you laugh at someone you have just seen” Colonel Lin exclaimed.

“Look at you, you are not any better than me! At least I have been awake for a couple of days, alive and kicking.

While you were lying there like a vegetable, I was thinking how much joss paper we should burn for you next year!”

“Whats with you and your big mouth!” Mrs.

Lin laughed and tried to hit Colonel Lin on his shoulder.

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