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Chapter 374: Miracle

Jiang Yao wanted to rest a little while longer, but she entered the room and had Lu Xingzhi sent out of the Medical System.

Under Liang Yuezes prompting, the doctors and the nurses quickly arrived.

They were shocked to see Lu Xingzhi, alive and in stable condition.

When they heard that Lu Xingzhi lived after Jiang Yao removed the bullets, they were very skeptical.

They thought that she was delusional and had gone insane.

No one could believe that Lu Xingzhi was alive.

The bullets were not only removed, but the rest of the wounds were dressed.

Each detail was done accurately, showing dedicated professionalism by the surgeon.

At this moment, the lady that was once deemed insane was revered.

She had created a miracle!


Lu, your husband is a miracle, and you are the other miracle!” Some of the doctors praised her.

“You created a miracle in the medical world here!”

Jiang Yao smiled faintly and showed two thumbs-up, her face radiating confidence.

“No, there are two.”

The other one being Colonel Lin.

“Jiang Yao! I knew you were the best!” Zhou Weiqi was ecstatic.

Even though he did not study medicine, he knew from seeing the instruments connected to Lu Xingzhi that he was well and alive.

Jiang Yao was drained.

Looking at Lu Xingzhi on the bed though, she could not hide her smile.

It came from her heart.

Everything else was blurred, only Lu Xingzhi remained in her sight.

She followed the doctors and the nurses while Lu Xingzhi was sent to the emergency care ward.

She personally checked all the equipment and instruments and created a prescription for the nurses.

“Weiqi, have people that you trust standby and watch over your Brother Lu and Colonel Lin.

I think I need some rest.” Jiang Yao smiled.

“I am sweaty and in no condition to stay here.”

“Alright, I will give you a ride back home.” Zhou Weiqi nodded, and continued, “I will be here tonight.”

He could not think of someone better to do the job other than himself.

“I need your help regarding the surgeries I did for Xingzhi and Colonel Lin, please do not let anyone else know.

Make sure the people at the hospital keep quiet and do not spread the news.

I dont have a good explanation for all of these.” For the ones that knew, it was too difficult to explain, she would rather not.

Anyway, the people that trusted her would not ask too many questions.

The others that did not believe in her would not listen to any of her reasons.

The simplest and best way was to intimidate them into silence.

“Dont worry, I will look to it myself,” Liang Yueze answered.

His mind was full of questions, but seeing that Jiang Yao had no intentions of explaining, he decided not to ask.

Speaking to Zhou Weiqi, he said, “Alright, lets send Jiang Yao back first.”

Zhou Weiqi nodded.

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