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Chapter 367: Keep on Living

Would she be a widow for the rest of her life That would be too selfish and too cruel for such a young lady.

That was why Lu Xingzhi staying alive was the best scenario they could have.

“Brother Liang.” Chen Xuyao walked toward Liang Yueze.

He was more composed than Zhou Weiqi and he knew that Lu Xingzhis death would be a huge blow to Liang Yueze.

Considering that Lu Xingzhi went on this mission to rescue Old General Liang, one could say that Old General Liang was the reason Lu Xingzhi was now lying in the operating room.

Now, Old General Liang was successfully rescued and should be home soon.

The Liang family would be reunited soon, but the same could not be said for the Lu family.

It was a barter trade using human lives.

If Old General Liang knew that Lu Xingzhi had died, he would feel remorseful for the rest of his life.

“Brother Liang, we trust Jiang Yao this time,” Chen Xuyao said, “She is young but very composed and mature.

I believe she will not do anything stupid to trouble everyone else.”

Zhou Weiqi turned toward the door and placed his ears on it, trying to hear the happenings in the room.

He muttered, “Dont doctors usually need a few assistants during a surgery Can she do it all by herself”

“If she didnt say, that means she doesnt need it.” Chen Xuyao scratched his head.

“All the doctors have left, even if she needed some help, nobody can offer it.

Once the operation is done and successful, I am tearing this hospital down!” Zhou Weiqi turned his back toward the door and continued guarding.

On the side, Gu Haoyu started telling Liang Yueze about what Zhou Weiqi saw the other day.

Initially, they planned not to say anything to Liang Yueze as Jiang Yao had her own reservations and was silent on the matter, but now, it was better for Liang Yueze to know the whole story.

It was Jiang Yao who saved Grandmother Liang.

And now, Lu Xingzhi was lying unconscious because of Old General Liang.

Whatever happens, the Liang family was the benefactor and Liang Yueze had the right to know.

Gu Haoyu was also reminding Liang Yueze that the Liang family owed the Lu family much more.

Time seemed to slow down for the people waiting anxiously outside.

It had since been two hours since Jiang Yao started the operation and it was getting close to dawn.

“We have another patient! Prepare operating room number three!” A flurry of footsteps could be heard from the stairwell, followed by the appearance of a small crowd.

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