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Chapter 364: No Necessary Credentials

Zhou Weiqi leaned against the wall and dropped to the floor.

He covered his face with his hands, and faint sobs could be heard.

“Weiqi,” Chen Xuyao stood beside Zhou Weiqi and patted his shoulder.

“You should go in and see Brother Lu.”

“Not yet.” Zhou Weiqi wiped the tears off his face and shook his head.

“He will want to spend his last moments with Jiang Yao.”

After a brief pause, he said, “Maybe we should stand by the side and watch instead, not disturbing them.”

He was very conflicted.

On one hand, he did not want to disturb the couple, on the other hand, he wanted to see Lu Xingzhi alive for the last time ever.

“Lets go in.” Gu Haoyu nodded.

“We need to take care of Jiang Yao for Lu Xingzhi.”

In the operating room, the doctors and Lu Xingzhis own surrender pained Jiang Yao deeply.

“How can you give up just like that!” Jiang Yao held Lu Xingzhis hands.

She knew, however, injuring the pericardium meant a certain death.

Asking her to give up, she could not do it.

How could she

“Its alright, Dear.

After all, human beings are destined to die.” Lu Xingzhis voice turned weak.

Jiang Yao ignored him.

She went into the Medical System and saw the System Admin, dressed in its flowery robes.

This was the first time she did not judge its looks.

“Moe and you always tell me that the medical capabilities are very advanced over there.

Then tell me, are your people able to mend an injured pericardium”

Seeing Jiang Yaos nonchalant attitude, the System Admin answered honestly, “Previously, injuring the pericardium meant a certain death.

However, our revered medical experts invented a procedure to artificially mend it.

As long as the heart is still in a decent condition, a timely intervention usually results in an eighty percent survival rate with no bad side effects on the body.”

“Does the Medical System have the procedure available” Jiang Yaos heart skipped a beat.

“For sure, yes.

However, you do not have the necessary credentials to see it.

Once you have activated the third level of the theoretical library, you will be able to access it.

All the required equipment can be found in the lab as well,” the System Admin answered politely.

Hearing that, Jiang Yao had an adrenaline rush.

“Give me the information on the pericardium surgery procedure, this is an order!”

“I am sorry, Master, but you do not have the necessary credentials.” The System Admin was shocked.

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