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Chapter 359: The Worst Scenario

“The worst scenario is death.

Brother Lu would want to die in Jiang Yaos arms.

If it does not happen, and his life can be saved, his wife has every right to be here.

Jiang Yao is very composed and mature; she will not do anything to hamper the rescue efforts!” Zhou Weiqi exclaimed angrily and picked up his phone.

“If nobody wants to call her, I will! You do not know how it was when they said their goodbyes a few days ago, it was their promise!”

Zhou Weiqi casually mentioned the worst scenario that could happen to Lu Xingzhi, yet it was as if his heart was tied onto a heavy rock and dropped down the deepest of abyss.

While he was dialing Jiang Yaos cell phone number, Liang Yueze said softly, “From what I heard, Xingzhi had two gunshot wounds on his chest, near where the heart is located.

The bleeding has not stopped since, we are not sure if he can even make it back here alive.”

Zhou Weiqis hand trembled.

That did not stop what he was doing, he dialed Jiang Yaos number and waited for her to pick up the call.

The phone rang a few times before it was picked up, every passing second a torment for the waiting Zhou Weiqi.

“Jiang Yao, Brother Lu is seriously injured and is on his way back to the hospital as we speak.

Come here immediately, the keys to the car are on the coffee table and the car is parked at parking space one.

We are here waiting for you, do not rush, drive slowly and be careful.”

As far as he knew, everyone around him had their driving license once they were eligible to drive.

He did not even ask if Jiang Yao knew how to drive and assumed that she did.

When the call came through, Jiang Yao almost blacked out.

She felt as if the world around her had collapsed.

Her worst fears had come true.

The accelerator was slammed all the way down, accelerating the car to a speed that was almost breaking the speedometer.

All she wanted was to arrive at the hospital as quickly as she could.

Her mind was in a frenzy, Lu Xingzhi was all she could think of.

After ending the call, Zhou Weiqi and the rest went to the rooftop of the hospital.

The doctors on shift were already on standby as the helicopters would land there.

A short while later, they heard the sounds of helicopter rotors.

It got louder as they watched anxiously, waiting for it to land.

Two doctors, one blonde-haired and fair-skinned, the other black-haired and dark-skinned, were the first to disembark from the stationary aircraft.

Their white coats stained with the bright red of blood.

They lifted a stretcher off the helicopter.

There laid Lu Xingzhi, bloodied face and body.

“Sir, we are at Jindo City! Do not fall asleep!” The blonde doctor called out anxiously.

“What is the condition of the patient” asked the assistant director of the military hospital.

“The patient has two gunshot wounds near his heart, we are not sure if any vital organs are injured for now.

On our way here, he went into shock twice.

We need to save him now!” The blonde doctor spoke quickly, not paying attention as to whether his foreign friends would understand his language.

“The other patient has several broken bones in his left leg.

Prepare for an amputation procedure, we might have to do it.”

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