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Chapter 357: The Invitation

The office was extremely quiet following Zhou Weiqis statement.

Finally, Gu Haoyu took a sip of his tea and said, “Whatever secrets she has, Weiqi, do not say anything to anyone else.

Do not ask her and especially, do not tell Xingzhi.

Just know that Jiang Yao will never do things to harm us.”

“Should we tell Brother Liang and Ruoran” Zhou Weiqi asked.

“If Jiang Yao does not mention it, neither should we.

Just pretend that you dont know anything.” Chen Xuyao answered, and urged Zhou Weiqi to hurry back to the platoon.

“Skipping work like you did for the past few days is not going to bode well with the platoon.

If your leader gets angry and tells your family, what do you think will happen”

Zhou Weiqi agreed nonchalantly and left Chen Xuyaos office.

It was nighttime when Zhou Weiqi and Jiang Yao received news from Luo Ruoran that Grandmother Liang had been transferred to a normal ward.

The examination report was out and showed that she was doing alright.

After an afternoons rest, she was feeling much better now.

Frankly speaking, Zhou Weiqi was elated to hear the news but not surprised at all.

He guessed from observing Jiang Yaos expression in the afternoon that Grandmother Liang did not have any big issues going on.

Zhou Weiqi was in a good mood for the rest of the day ever since Grandmother Liang woke up.

After leaving work in the evening, instead of hanging out with his usual group of friends, he actually stayed home.

Not doing anything productive, he took out the game console brought back by Gu Haoyu and started playing.

Tetris, Super Mario, Contra and Battle City, he cycled through the games and played each one of them.

Jiang Yao received a call from Manager Sun at night.

She arranged for Manager Sun to work on some internal operations at the hospital before leaving for her holiday.

She also reminded him to sell off the chamber pot if he were to find a suitable collector.

“Someone came to see me today and saw the pot but did not offer to purchase it.

After checking it out, he gave me an invitation.

It was for an event called the Nanjiang City Exchange Seminar, happening in October.

Apparently, we can take the invitation and our antique to attend the seminar.” Manager Sun continued, “I think they mistook us for someone in the same business.”

“Well then, you should go to the seminar.

Whatever it takes to sell that thing off, but make sure the price is reasonable.

If it is too low, I would rather bury it than sell it.

Maybe my grandchildren can sell it for a better price.”

Jiang Yao was serious about it.

Lu Xingzhis money was now under her oversight, and she had no concerns about her financial status.

However, it would be a loss not to sell the chamber pot at a price that would allow her to buy Moes diamond ring.

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