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Chapter 354: Good News

“Grandma, youre awake!” She called out, her tears rolling down her cheeks.

Liang Yueze was stunned for a moment before swiftly walking out of the room to call for the doctor.

Zhou Weiqi got closer and called out to Grandmother Liang.

He grabbed his phone and called both Gu Haoyu and Chen Xuyao.

Believing that nobody had had the chance to inform the Liang family about this turn of events, he then dialed their number and told them the news.

The doctor and Liang Yueze ran into the room, with confusion and shock showing on the doctors face.

According to the doctors, at her age, the probability of the old lady waking up was slim.

Moreover, most people at her age would not make it back alive.

Most of the patients would lie unconscious for a few days before passing away.

She had been unconscious for a few days, the doctors were actually planning to break the news of the worst-case scenario to the family.

Who would have thought this would happen

“Madam, I am your doctor.

Try to take it easy and dont try to speak just yet.

Can you hear me” The doctor wiggled his finger in front of Grandmother Liang before continuing, “Listen to what I say, alright Follow my fingers movement.

Can you do it”

The doctor did a series of cognitive tests on the patient before remarking, “Her health is improving excellently.”

The nurse came in with several medical devices and did some more in-depth examinations on Grandmother Liang.

The results had the doctor nodding in awe.

“Madams blood pressure is stabilizing; this is good news!” The doctor swiftly scribbled some notes on his notepad while instructing the nurse to have the patient do a brain scan.

Compared to the hospital, Jiang Yaos Medical System was even faster.

While the doctor was still testing Grandmother Liang on her cognitive abilities, the Medical System had already scanned and released the results in just a few seconds.

According to the scanned results, Grandmother Liangs life was not in any grave danger.

She just had to control her blood pressure and maintain a stable temperament, making sure that it did not fluctuate wildly.

In this way, she could be nursed back to health steadily.

Although, with her age, everything had to be done carefully.

She would need someone by her side constantly taking care of and making sure that everything was well.

Everyone that got the call came in less than half an hour.

They entered the room together, surprised at seeing an empty bed.

“I thought you said that Mum woke up” Mr.

Liang asked Zhou Weiqi.

“Where is she”

“Dad, Grandma did wake up, but she is undergoing some examinations now.

Yueze went with her too.” Luo Ruoran wiped off the tears on her face and continued, “The doctor said that Grandma is doing really well, she was even holding my hand when the doctor came in!”

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