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Chapter 345: Two of a Kind

“Admin, scan and copy the patients model into the laboratory,” Jiang Yao commanded the system admin.

It was one of the many useful functions in the laboratory where she could scan an actual patients body and copy it into the laboratory as a model so that she could utilize the replicated model for treatment experiments whenever she was available.

Jiang Yao recalled that there was a set of acupuncture methods in the traditional Chinese medicine system that was very useful for Grandmother Liangs condition.

She could test it on the patient model first to see if it would work before she tried it on the real patient.

If she were to succeed, she would quietly treat Grandmother Liang to help her regain consciousness sooner.

“Scan and copy completed.” The voice of the system admin sounded after a few seconds, indicating the rapid processing time of the system.

Jiang Yao put the medical record back in place after the comment.

She was disguising her contact with the system by looking at the record, otherwise, the others would have thought that she was in a daze just now.

Outside the ward, Liang Yueze was asking Zhou Weiqi how Jiang Yao had been doing ever since Lu Xingzhi left.

He nodded when he learned that Jiang Yao was in a stable state and asked Zhou Weiqi to keep a close eye on Jiang Yao before they entered the ward.

“Jiang Yao, go home with Weiqi first.

You came to Jindo in such a hurry, just tell him if you need anything, hell get them ready for you.

Theres nothing much to do here anyway, so go home and get some rest,” Liang Yueze said.

He glanced at Luo Ruoran after a slight pause and said, “Xiao Ran, let Weiqi send you home to rest too.”

“Nah, I cant sleep even if I go home.” Luo Ruoran shook her head and then urged Zhou Weiqi and Jiang Yao to go home.

“Just let Ruoran keep you company here,” Zhou Weiqi added before calling for Jiang Yao and leaving the hospital together.

The house Lu Xingzhi gave to Zhou Weiqi was a bit far away from the hospital.

The Golden Harbor was nestled within the most expensive district in Jindo City, every vehicle that went in and out of the district was monitored strictly.

Zhou Weiqi introduced Jiang Yao to nearby shops and restaurants while taking the luggage upstairs.

The house came with three bedrooms and two halls with exquisite interior decorations.

However, as soon as they entered the house, Zhou Weiqi hastily tidied up the things he had thrown on the floor in a panic.

“Jiang Yao, here, walk this way~ When Xingzhi told me that youre going to live here, I was busy with my work outside and havent had time to tidy up the place.

Go to the bedroom and get some rest, Ill put my things away very quickly.”

The corner of Jiang Yaos lips twitched in amusement as she glanced at the beer bottles, snacks, and clothes he left hanging all over the sofa.

He was not busy with anything, but this was the scene of someone who was messy.

Fortunately, her second elder brother was a messy person too so she was used to it.

Whenever she was at home, she could hear her parents whine and nag at him about not making his bed and cleaning his room, it was like their daily routine.

Mischievously, Jiang Yao imagined what it would be like if Zhou Weiqi and her brother lived together for a month.

The outcome would be very spectacular!

They were two of a kind!

Luckily, Zhou Weiqi only messed up the area where he lived, the other two unoccupied rooms were very clean and tidy.

Jiang Yao made the bed in her room while Zhou Weiqi was cleaning his mess in the living room.

He was done mopping the floor when she had finished sorting out her luggage.

From the looks of it, despite his messy habit, he was very quick and efficient in cleaning up.

“Weiqi, I want to take a nap, how about you” Jiang Yao asked as she leaned against the door, watching Zhou Weiqi mop the floor in the living room, his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbow.

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