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Chapter 335: Divorce

Jiang Yao had the shock of her life when Mrs.

Ge turned to face everyone.

She had heavy make-up on today, a little too much it seemed.

Her face looked extremely white, contrasted with bright-red blushes on her cheeks.

Jiang Yao swore she would not have known it was Mrs.

Ge at first glance.

During National Day, after Mrs.

Ge left the platoon following a quarrel with Sergeant Ge, instead of going back to her hometown like everyone else guessed, she stayed at Jin City and met a man who spent quite a lot of money on her.


Ges motive to divorce her husband must have something to do with the man.


Ge, you still have a daughter here.

What is going to happen to Wenwen after you leave” A couple of soldiers at the side were trying to defuse the situation.

“She is a member of the Ge family, and has nothing to do with me.

Remember, it was him that wanted the divorce first, I am just doing what he wanted! I, Sun Cuimei, have never had a good life after my marriage to this man! Look at Captain Lu, everyone says he is a man of few words, but at least he is well-off and loves and cares for his wife.

What about you You dont have any of those!”

The more Mrs.

Ge said, the angrier she became.

“And your mother! She always has something to pick on with me, never giving me a good day.

You tell me, has she ever picked up and looked at Wenwen after she was born I cannot stay with the Ge family for a single day longer! You wanted a divorce, right Let us do it here and now! Captain Lu and Colonel Lin are here too, let us settle everything in front of the leaders!”

“Mom! Mom, please dont leave me!” Ge Wenwen tugged on Mrs.

Ges clothes, crying, and wailing loudly.

No matter how despicable Ge Wenwen was before, Jiang Yao had nothing but sympathy for her now.

With a mother like Mrs.

Ge, it was no wonder that Ge Wenwen turned out to be how she was.

With Mrs.

Ge creating a commotion here, and rumors around the platoon talking about her infidelity, it was only going to do more harm to Ge Wenwen.

Unfortunately, people were always going to judge the child after what her parents did.

“Wenwen, dont hate mom, okay I cannot have you with me, you are a member of the Ge family.” Mrs.

Ge knew she could not bring her daughter with her.

Ge Wenwen was a burden, an obstacle for Mrs.

Ge to remarry.

Moreover, the rich guy she was with now, he would not want to take care of someone elses daughter too.

Even though she loved her daughter, she could not risk falling out of favor with her current beau over Wenwen.

“Ge Wenwen! Go into the house! Remember, she doesnt want you anymore, after today she is not your mother anymore!” Sergeant Ge pulled Ge Wenwen over, accidentally dropping his crutch.

He lost his balance and almost fell, if not for the people around him.

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