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Chapter 334: A Few Days Later

Lu Xingzhi was hoping that it was a mistake.

It might be a different woman with a similar appearance and the same name, who could have known

“Alright.” Zhou Junmin sighed.

“Captain, what do you think is going on here! What is wrong with Sergeant Ge He is an extremely self-motivated man that would always put his family first.

He doesnt drink nor smoke!”

“Cut it.

We are going for our breakfast now.” Lu Xingzhi was not in the mood to listen to Zhou Junmins lament on an empty stomach.

Zhou Junmin wanted to say more, but noticing Lu Xingzhis annoyed expression, he changed his mind and left.

“I do not think Mrs.

Ge is capable of doing such a thing.

She is a little conservative in her thinking, having lived in the countryside for most of her life.

It has been a few days; she might have left and went back to her hometown.

I suppose it was just a lady that looked just like Mrs.

Ge.” Jiang Yao said a few comforting words after noticing that Lu Xingzhi was in a crummy mood.

This was indeed an extremely messy situation, affecting everyones mood and morale.

Lu Xingzhi was still concerned about the Liang familys affairs while the news surrounding Mrs.

Ge was spreading like wildfire in the platoon.

He kept his silence and did not comment on the matter, seemingly frustrated by the ordeal.

Holding onto Jiang Yaos hand, Lu Xingzhi walked into the cafeteria.

After getting their breakfast, he sat down and said, “I do not have my cell phone with me during the day.

If there are any messages or calls, can you please help me answer them If Brother Liang calls urgently, just get someone to let me know.”

“Will do.” Jiang Yao did not ask who Lu Xingzhi was texting late last night.

He must have had his reasons for keeping it a secret from her.

They only got two bites in before Zhou Junmin came running.

“Captain! Come quick! Mrs.

Ge is here, and she is asking for a divorce from Sergeant Ge!” He announced hastily while trying to catch his breath.


Lu Xingzhi slammed his chopsticks on the table.

“Can that woman just stop already”

“I dont know how explain it, Captain.

You must go and see it for yourself! Colonel Lin just went too!” Zhou Junmin scratched the back of his head, futilely trying to explain Mrs.

Ges sudden change.

“Lets go.” Jiang Yao stood up.

She realized things must have gotten worse.

Colonel Lins presence showed the seriousness of the issue at hand.

The trio walked as fast as they could and hurried back to the family building.

Even from afar, they could hear Mrs.

Ges angry shouts and Ge Wenwens sobs, interjected by Sergeant Ges voice.

The Ge familys doors were opened wide, exposing the quarrelling Sergeant Ge and Mrs.

Ge inside.

Jiang Yao looked at Mrs.


Previously, her clothes were always old and worn, with patches sewn across them.

In a weather like this, she would wear an old cardigan, with a bulky jacket on the outside, along with a pair of baggy pants.

Every time Jiang Yao saw her, she looked dismal with a greasy face, not washed in ages.

Away only for a few days, Mrs.

Ge looked a changed woman.

Her hair was now curled and colored yellow.

She wore a purple-pink suit, and a pair of bell-bottom jeans.

Standing on a pair of seven-inch black heels, she held a black leather bag in her arms.

Everything on her was brand new.

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