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Chapter 327: Complaining Non-stop

Ge Wenwen glared at Jiang Yao.

She then looked at Mrs.

Lin and Mrs.

Zhu before taking to her heels.

The three of them almost failed to catch up with the six-year-old kid.

They finally heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Ge Wenwen running upstairs.

“Ungrateful brat!” Mrs.

Zhu was gasping for air.

She leaned on the wall beside the staircase while panting heavily and scolding her softly.


Lin was nowhere better.

She was also sweating profusely due to the weather.

On the other hand, although Jiang Yaos shoulders were quivering with her back facing them, she was just pretending.

She just did not want to perform too outstandingly, therefore, although she could catch up with Ge Wenwen once she took to her heels, she noticed that Mrs.

Lin and Mrs.

Zhu were slow, that was why she silently slowed down and pretended to be struggling.

If it were not for Mrs.

Lin and Mrs.

Zhu, Ge Wenwens speed was nothing for Jiang Yao.

How fast could a six-year-old kid be However, since Mrs.

Lin and Mrs.

Zhu were womenfolk, they lacked in training and seldom jogged so they felt strenuous during the chase.

Jiang Yao could never catch up with her if it were in the past.

However, Jiang Yaos whole body was full of energy and strength now.

When her Force Value had not been triggered, even Qi Xiang could not catch up with her, not to mention chasing Ge Wenwen.

However, she could pretend to be panting, but her complexion and sweat could not be faked.

When Jiang Yao turned around, Mrs.

Lin and Mrs.

Zhu still noticed that Jiang Yao was keeping her cool.

However, the both of them just sighed and thought that it was great to be young without thinking about anything else.


Lin and Mrs.

Zhu initially planned to go shopping at the market in the afternoon with Jiang Yao.

They coincidentally met Sergeant Ge looking for Ge Wenwen so they lent a helping hand.

After Ge Wenwen had been found, both of them went downstairs and waited for Jiang Yao, who was taking her bag from upstairs, before exiting the platoon together.

With Mrs.

Zhu as a companion, there were many places to shop in the afternoon.


Zhus personality was more straightforward than Mrs.

Lins and she could not keep anything to herself.

Along the way, she was complaining about how hard it was to deal with, and how annoying the new military spouse, Ge Wenwens mother, was to Jiang Yao.

“Jiang Yao, you dont know much about Ge Wenwens mother, if you go shopping with her, you would be embarrassed to death! Last time, a few of us went shopping for some vegetables.

When we have our eyes set on any vegetable, if we feel that it is expensive after asking for the price, we will bargain for it.

If it is reasonable, we will buy it, if it is not, we will forget about it, right Ge Wenwens mother is not even sure whether she wants to buy something or not.

Once, when she saw something, she asked about the price.

After asking, she also bargained for it.

After bargaining for a long time, the seller agreed but she suddenly said that she did not want it anymore.

She just turned around and walked away.

The seller blew his top and yelled at her from behind.

However, she acted like it was nothing and continued to ask other sellers, our faces were flushed red out of embarrassment!”


Zhu was complaining non-stop.

“Once, she wanted to buy some cabbage.

She peeled quite a few layers off a head of cabbage and weighed all the peeled layers in the basket.

After weighing, she wanted the seller to charge her two cents less so she ended up arguing with the seller for twenty minutes!”


Zhu was fuming at this point.

“After that, we were not willing to go out with her anymore.

She then spreaded the word that we despised her as she was from the countryside and formed cliques to push her out! She really pisses us off!”

Jiang Yao heard Mrs.

Lin mentioning these before, but Mrs.

Lins intention was to remind her to keep away from Mrs.

Ge and not to go out with her.

Putting her attempts at taking advantage of other people aside, what was even more unbearable was the embarrassment she brought.

Not only that, Mrs.

Lin had a calm personality and her tone was gentler when she spoke.

On the other hand, Mrs.

Zhu was going all out, complaining to Jiang Yao, so her tone was more serious.

However, Mrs.

Zhu made Jiang Yao understand more about her hatred toward Mrs.


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