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Chapter 319: Everyone Is Here

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They were meeting at Longteng Restaurant, the place where Lu Xingzhi called Jiang Yao previously.

It was already fifteen minutes past noon when they arrived and the rest were already waiting for them.

“Brother Lu! Sister Jiang! How are you” Zhou Weiqi and Chen Xuyao greeted them almost immediately.

“Sit here.” Lu Xingzhi pulled a chair out, beckoning Jiang Yao to sit down.

Once she was seated, he turned toward the rest and asked if food had been ordered.

Hearing Gu Haoyus confirmation, he called for the server and ordered two lighter dishes.

Jiang Yao woke up with an empty stomach and she only managed to eat a piece of biscuit on the way here.

“Brother Liang, Brother Lu, I think thats enough!” Chen Xuyao knocked the table twice with his knuckles.

“Be mindful of what you are doing, there are three bachelors here.

We cannot take it anymore!”

“Thats right! Come on ladies, take care of your men! We are planning to give you both a strawberry-flavored lipstick,” Zhou Weiqi continued, chuckling loudly.

Jiang Yao and Luo Ruoran rolled their eyes at the two cheeky guys.

They were very familiar with both Zhou Weiqis and Chen Xuyaos personalities, and knowing that these two were just fooling around, they paid them no heed.

A short while later, the server came around with the dishes.

Since both Jiang Yao and Luo Ruoran were sitting together, they started chatting.

As she was still a student, Jiang Yao talked a lot about her life in school.

Luo Ruoran was a few years older than Jiang Yao.

She graduated from university overseas, and came back to take over her family business, thrusting herself into the limelight as a female newcomer in the business world.

Throughout the conversation, Jiang Yao found out that Luo Ruoran knew Gu Haoyu first.

She then became friends with Liang Yueze and the rest through him.

Coincidentally, she moved into the old quarters soon after, becoming extremely good friends with the rest of the them.

After graduating from military school, Gu Haoyu resumed his studies overseas.

He was a true academician, he was currently doing research and teaching in a prestigious university overseas as a professor.

According to Luo Ruoran, she had known Gu Haoyu ever since she was a toddler, making them true childhood friends.

Deep in a conversation with Luo Ruoran, Jiang Yao still had the ability to listen to the guys talking.

Work was the only topic discussed.

Liang Yueze was telling Lu Xingzhi his plans on expanding Longteng Restaurant.

He planned to buy the plots of land surrounding the restaurant.

“You decide, Brother Liang.

I have no qualms about your decision whatsoever.

I fully trust your judgement.

Just let me know how much money you need.” Lu Xingzhi tried to cut the conversation short since he had no interest in business matters.

Now that he mentioned it…

“About the money… If I am not around, look for Jiang Yao.

She is now in charge of the finances; I gave her full access to all the accounts.

You know I am always out on missions and cannot be contacted immediately.

Previously she wanted some cash urgently, instead she used someone elses instead of mine.”

“Jiang Yao, did you buy all the shares of Shengqi Hospital” Chen Xuyao interjected.

“I heard from Brother Lu you were planning to do just that.

It has been a while; how did it go”

“Basically, yes.

Although, I have a small issue right now; I am still six percent short of complete ownership.” Jiang Yao was pleased discussing the matter.

“Do you know that I purchased them dirt cheap”

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