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“Thats right! Just bring Jiang Yao along! There isnt anybody else besides us.

If Jiang Yao is tired, she can just rest in the private room.

If not, will you be rest assured to leave Jiang Yao in the hotel room all by herself” Zhou Weiqi nodded and continued.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at Gu Haoyu who was standing there while smiling without saying a word.

Weiqi and Xuyao were right, it was true that he had not seen Haoyu for some time.

This time, Gu Haoyu specially took leave to attend the wedding and he had to go back to his country in a few days time.

He did not know when they could meet again after parting this time.

He was indeed going to worry if he were to leave Jiang Yao, who was drunk, in the room all by herself.

“Do you want to sleep” After some thought, Lu Xingzhi lowered his head and asked Jiang Yao.

The little woman who was leaning on him shook her head before taking a look at her watch and mumbling, “Its still early.”

Jiang Yao said it herself, therefore the group of people directly headed to the eighth floor.

There were no outsiders, only the few of them, even Yannie had already gone back.

Among the buddies, only Yueze, the eldest, and Lu Xingzhi, the third eldest, had their own families.

After Liang Yueze and Luo Ruoran sent their guests back, the private room was already bustling.

Lu Xingzhi put one hand around Jiang Yao and held a wine glass with his other hand while talking to Gu Haoyu.

Both Weiqi and Xuyao were holding their mics while yelling intoxicatedly.

However, their voices were more or less damaging peoples ears.

In the private room, only Jiang Yao did not have anything to do.

When Luo Ruoran was seeing her guests off downstairs, she was planning to send them back as early as possible so that she could accompany Jiang Yao.

However, after she came in, she realized that Jiang Yao did not seem to even need her company.

“Xingzhi, is your wife drunk” When Luo Ruoran saw Jiang Yao sitting there obediently like a young student, she thought that she might be drunk.

During the ceremony, she saw Jiang Yao drinking many mouthfuls of cherry wine.

Luo Ruoran saw it at that time but she merely assumed that Jiang Yao was unhappy about Chen Feitang.

As it was inappropriate to argue with Lu Xingzhi, she was drowning her sorrows in alcohol.

At that time, Luo Ruoran thought that although Lu Xingzhis wife was young, she was sensible.

At least when she was unhappy she did not immediately cause problems.

However, after drinking so much, she must be drunk.

“Jiang Yao is drunk!” When Weiqi saw Luo Ruoran and Liang Yueze, he threw his mic away and ran to the both of them.

“Jiang Yao said that tonights cherry juice tasted awesome and asked Xingzhi to buy them when they go back.

Xingzhi refused to, and Jiang Yao called Xingzhi stingy, she even said something to scold him.

Shes really cute.”

Liang Yueze raised his eyebrows.

He did not expect Xingzhis wife to get drunk just because she assumed that the fruit wine was fruit juice.

Then, he glanced at Luo Ruoran, who lowered her head while touching her nose awkwardly, and could not help but chuckle.

“Yueze actually laughed…” It seemed as if Xuyao had just received terrific news as he stood there holding the mic and announced it.

“Tonights cherry wine is also my wifes favorite.

She chose the wine for the ceremony herself.

I need to thank Haoyu for sending this cherry wine from overseas.” After Liang Yueze had finished saying so, he sat beside Gu Haoyu.

Although it was kind of terrible to put the blame on his brother, but because it was Luo Ruoran, he had to fight for her.

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